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Add items to your To-do list app via Terminal Most big todo apps today allow for you to add an item to your task list via e-mail. This is a script that leverages that e-mail functionality, so that you can add todo list items from the command line. This helps to add tasks faster, without a context switch.

June 2, 2020 Update

A recent update in the Nirvana API makes it no longer possible for me to retrieve an access token. I've written a workaround which uses Nirvana's add tasks via email feature to add to your inbox. This adds a couple more steps to installation.


  • nin Clean room
  • To add notes: nin mytask // note for mytask

Installation (5 minutes)

Create and Setup a Free SendGrid account

  • Go here and create a Free tier account and click the link in your email to confirm the account.
  • Create a Sender Identity on SendGrid. This is required to be able to send e-mails. You can choose "Single Sender Verification" and use an email from a free email service (hotmail, outlook, etc) for this.
  • Go here and generate an API Key. Save this key somewhere as you'll need it in later steps.

Get your personal Nirvana Inbox Address

  • Go here and follow the instructions to get your personal address. Store this somewhere (we'll use it later).


  • Make sure you have requests and sendgrid installed. To install, run pip install requests sendgrid
  • Clone this repo
  • Move it to a directory of your choice
  • Navigate to it in Terminal
  • Run python --install
  • Run nin --help for commands

Not tested on Windows

Not affiliated with NirvanaHQ.


Add items to your ToDo list app through the command line