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This program was done as part of an assignment for CSC207. I did it in a group with three others, and we used a school-run git server for the project. To try it out yourself, download the jar file here and open it (you must have JDK installed).

Since this was a group project, below, I've linked the code that I wrote.








Import photos by choosing a previously viewed directory, a new directory, or from Instagram or Tumblr. If you choose a directoy, photos from subdirectories are also imported. alt text

Add a list of tags so you can use them on any imported set of photos alt text

Browse your chosen directory and set tags to your images. The tag will be added to the image name, making the image OS-searchable. alt text

If you have lots of images, you can use the search bar to search by image name or by regex. alt text

Like a picture a lot? Use the button in the menu to share it with Instagram. Your photo tags will be added automatically to the caption. alt text ...alt text

Want to revert a change? Undo any change you've ever made, using the revision history dialog. alt text