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# you need to install hypothesis for this to work
Property testing for functions in
import unittest
from random import shuffle
from huffman import byte_to_bits, bits_to_byte, get_bit, make_freq_dict
from huffman import huffman_tree, get_codes, number_nodes
from huffman import generate_compressed, generate_uncompressed
from huffman import avg_length, tree_to_bytes, num_nodes_to_bytes
from nodes import HuffmanNode
from hypothesis import given, assume, settings
from hypothesis.strategies import binary, integers, dictionaries, text
settings.register_profile("norand", settings(derandomize=True,
class TestByteUtilities(unittest.TestCase):
"""Property tests for byte functions"""
@given(integers(0, 255))
def test_byte_to_bits(self, b):
"""byte_to_bits produces binary strings of length 8"""
self.assertTrue(set(byte_to_bits(b)).issubset({"0", "1"}))
self.assertEqual(len(byte_to_bits(b)), 8)
@given(text(["0", "1"], 0, 4, 8))
def test_bits_to_byte(self, s):
"""bits_to_byte produces byte"""
b = bits_to_byte(s)
self.assertTrue(isinstance(b, int))
self.assertTrue(0 <= b <= 255)
@given(integers(0, 255), integers(0, 7))
def test_get_bit(self, byte, bit_pos):
"""get_bit(byte, bit) produces bit values"""
b = get_bit(byte, bit_pos)
self.assertTrue(isinstance(b, int))
self.assertTrue(0 <= b <= 1)
class TestCompressionCode(unittest.TestCase):
"""Property tests for Huffman functions"""
@given(binary(0, 100, 1000))
def test_make_freq_dict(self, byte_list):
"""make_freq_dict returns dictionary whose values
sum to the number of bytes consumed"""
b, d = byte_list, make_freq_dict(byte_list)
self.assertTrue(isinstance(d, dict))
self.assertEqual(sum(d.values()), len(b))
@given(dictionaries(integers(0, 255), integers(1, 1000), dict, 2, 256, 256))
def test_huffman_tree(self, d):
"""huffman_tree returns a non-leaf HuffmanNode"""
t = huffman_tree(d)
self.assertTrue(isinstance(t, HuffmanNode))
self.assertTrue(not t.is_leaf())
@given(dictionaries(integers(0, 255), integers(1, 1000), dict, 2, 256, 256))
def test_get_codes(self, d):
"""the sum of len(code) * freq_dict[code] is optimal, so it
must be invariant under permutation of the dictionary"""
# NB: this also tests huffman_tree indirectly
t = huffman_tree(d)
c1 = get_codes(t)
d2 = list(d.items())
d2 = dict(d2)
t2 = huffman_tree(d2)
c2 = get_codes(t2)
self.assertEqual(sum([d[k] * len(c1[k]) for k in d]),
sum([d2[k] * len(c2[k]) for k in d2]))
@given(dictionaries(integers(0, 255), integers(1, 1000), dict, 2, 256, 256))
def test_number_nodes(self, d):
"""if the root is an interior node, it must be numbered
two less than the number of symbols"""
# a complete tree has one fewer interior nodes than
# it has leaves, and we are numbering from 0
# NB: this also tests huffman_tree indirectly
t = huffman_tree(d)
assume(not t.is_leaf())
count = len(d)
self.assertEqual(count, t.number + 2)
@given(dictionaries(integers(0, 255), integers(1, 1000), dict, 2, 256, 256))
def test_avg_length(self, d):
"""avg_length should return a float in the
interval [0, 8]"""
t = huffman_tree(d)
f = avg_length(t, d)
self.assertTrue(isinstance(f, float))
self.assertTrue(0 <= f <= 8.0)
@given(binary(2, 100, 1000))
def test_generate_compressed(self, b):
"""generate_compressed should return a bytes
object that is no longer than the input bytes, and
the size of the compressed object should be
invariant under permuting the input"""
# NB: this also indirectly tests make_freq_dict, huffman_tree,
# and get_codes
d = make_freq_dict(b)
t = huffman_tree(d)
c = get_codes(t)
compressed = generate_compressed(b, c)
self.assertTrue(isinstance(compressed, bytes))
self.assertTrue(len(compressed) <= len(b))
l = list(b)
b = bytes(l)
d = make_freq_dict(b)
t = huffman_tree(d)
c = get_codes(t)
compressed2 = generate_compressed(b, c)
self.assertEqual(len(compressed2), len(compressed))
@given(binary(2, 100, 1000))
def test_tree_to_bytes(self, b):
"""tree_to_bytes generates a bytes representation of
a post-order traversal of a trees internal nodes"""
# Since each internal node requires 4 bytes to represent,
# and there are 1 fewer internal node than distinct symbols,
# the length of the bytes produced should be 4 times the
# length of the frequency dictionary, minus 4"""
# NB: also indirectly tests make_freq_dict, huffman_tree, and
# number_nodes
d = make_freq_dict(b)
assume(len(d) > 1)
t = huffman_tree(d)
output_bytes = tree_to_bytes(t)
dictionary_length = len(d)
leaf_count = dictionary_length
self.assertEqual(4 * (leaf_count - 1), len(output_bytes), ('FREQ_DICT', d, 'INPUT_TREE', t, 'MY OUTPUT', output_bytes))
@given(binary(2, 100, 1000))
def test_num_nodes_to_bytes(self, b):
"""num_nodes_to_bytes returns a bytes object that
has length 1 (since the number of internal nodes cannot
exceed 256)"""
# NB: also indirectly tests make_freq_dict and huffman_tree
d = make_freq_dict(b)
assume(len(d) > 1)
t = huffman_tree(d)
n = num_nodes_to_bytes(t)
self.assertTrue(isinstance(n, bytes))
self.assertEqual(len(n), 1)
class TestRoundTrip(unittest.TestCase):
"""Property test for round trip"""
@given(binary(1, 100, 1000))
def test_round_trip(self, b):
"""test inverting generate_compressed and generate_uncompressed"""
orig_text = b
freq = make_freq_dict(orig_text)
assume(len(freq) > 1)
tree = huffman_tree(freq)
codes = get_codes(tree)
compressed = generate_compressed(orig_text, codes)
uncompressed = generate_uncompressed(tree, compressed, len(orig_text))
assert orig_text == uncompressed, ('got', list(uncompressed),
'exp', list(orig_text), tree)
if __name__ == "__main__":