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Certain task features/capabilities require the use of docker-worker specific scopes in the form of docker-worker:... . For details about scopes needed for features, images, and caches, consult the documentation for each topic. The scopes must be satisfied by task.scopes. Since the caller of queue.createTask must have credentials satisfying task.scopes, this ensures that whoever created the task posesses the necessary docker-worker-related scopes.

Currently docker-worker uses these scopes:


Scope format: docker-worker:feature:<feature name>. These are features that will be linked to the container when the task runs.


Scopes format: docker-worker:image:<registry>/<user>/<image>:<tag>. Scopes for images are necessary when the image requires authentication with a registry (e.g. private images). Public images do not require scopes.


Scopes begin with docker-worker:cache:<cache name>. Tasks that require cached volumes to be mounted must supply a scope for that cache. This is to restrict accessing, and possibly corrupting, caches no related to the scope of credentials provided.

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