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TaskCluster Base Modules


You should install any libraries this library includes directly into your project if you wish to use them.

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A collection of common modules used many taskcluster components.

Most of the modules in this base collection can be instantiated by providing a JSON dictionary with configuration and parameters.


There is no need (and in fact it should be impossible) to manually publish a new version of this package. Upon pushing an appropriately tagged version to Github, Travis will pick this up and deploy a new version for you, assuming the tests pass. New versions should be created with npm version rather than by manually editing package.json and tags should be pushed to Github.

We're sticking to semver as much as possible in Taskcluster, so please keep that in mind as you update versions and release packages.

Code Conventions

  • Use camelBack notation for all public identifiers
  • Use CamelCase notation for class names
  • Wrap class constructors if asynchronous I/O is needed
  • Minimize indentation when possible
  • Employ /** Documentation comments */
  • Return promises whenever asynchronous I/O is needed


There are no tests in this module other than assuring that everything can be imported. Run with npm test as per usual.

Metadata Publication

We publish metadata for consumption by auto-generated clients and docs.

API References should be published to<component>/v1, where <component> is a taskcluster component, such as queue, scheduler, etc.

Schemas should be published to<component>/v1, where <component> is the name of a taskcluster component, as above.

Please, do not publish metadata from staging area deployments or test setups, etc. If you want to maintain deploy a different version of a component independently please make sure to choose a unique component name or publish the application metadata to another location.


Common modules use in taskcluster components



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