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Configurable timeout #8

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This includes a json schema change and a database schema change (both break stuff)... I also found what appeared to be a bug in how retries where decremented beyond 0.


Why not just test if $AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and $AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY are defined?

Some of us have them defined locally.. and wouldn't mind running them too...


Could we add:

"The queue will take the `timeout` value as an advice, but reserves the right to ignore it." +
"So workers and other interested parties should **not** rely on the value of the `timeout` property."

Also, just fyi the documentation viewer renders descriptions (and titles) as markdown, enjoy :)


Does this work for multiple tests?

I tried exactly that in api.js and found that I can't run it in the same process as data.js ... Nor can I restart the server for every test as the pg.js (postgres connector) refuses to reset the connection.

There is a comment in tests/index.js about using process isolation to fix this issue. I guess another solution would be to start the queue as a background process using a wrapper like LocalWorker as done in docker-worker.

Note, I'll look into this and probably do the wrapper thing, I'll need it for testing the post-signed-... thingy...


So, Just ignore this issue...

I had some code that worked with multiple tests in a different project... I am not 100% sure what the issue is with pg here


Shouldn't this be a required property? At least in the task status structure.

This is ensured by adding it the required list of properties, on line 85.


I noticed that you added timeout to all validation tests and called this PR from API breaking, do you intent timeout to be a required property?

In which case you should add it to the list of required properties, below. As you have a default value for timeout this is not necessary. So this is a question of you intent to do?

I generally haven't been a fan of optional properties, especially because it feel like something we should add when we actually want to maintain backward compatibility (which isn't a priority now). On the other hand there is little reason to submit a timeout, if the queue has a default timeout and you don't care about this.

So in this case I'm fine with either solution. Just that maybe we should have a validation test without timeout if it is intended to be optional.


Of course, we're we're decrementing retries on task claim... Nice catch...

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