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Demo Site:

Simple Task Entry

task entry

Write a task

Taskify revolves around the task box. Enter some text and it will be there next time you go to your browser.

Add a new task

Once you are already inside a task box press ENTER TWICE to create a new task beneath.

Logic trees

Each task comes with a free form text area. In this way you can divide tasks into actionable items and then cross them off one by one.

Move tasks around

You can drag and drop boxes so that they appear in the right column at the right place

Mark as done

Click the tick box

Close task

Click the X button top right

Task Attribute assignment

task atributes

Set priority

You can set priorities to urgent and/or important by clicking the icons top left.

Much of the philosophy of taskify was inspired by Randy Pausch:

Add Tag

Custom Tags can be added in the blue box at the very top left. Simply enter a tag name in the box, and hit the blue tag button.

Add Tag to task

Once you have a tag you can add it to each task using the dropdown top right

Change column names

Just click on a column name to change it and the system will remember it.

Tree branching

task tree

Task Tree

You can have many task lists of the form:

Add these to your task tree (click tree) for a convenient navigation system.

Login simply and securely



Taskify auto logs you in using strong authentication via your secure certificate. A secure certificate can be obtained from

Score Tracking


Self Assessment

Every click gives you 5 points. Every new line gives 5 points. Deleting a row gives 5 points. Permanent records will be set in future for burndowns analysis etc.

Focus function

Click the focus button to highlight the task you are working on. Other distractions will be greyed out until you successfully complete the task, or hit unfocus.

Tasks in Clouds


Add Cloud Provider

Click on cloud and add a storage provider. If you dont have one right now a guide will be produced to explain how to get one in future, but can be used for personal and academic use.

Save from Cloud

Saving will save all the tasks in a list and also your task tree.

Load to Cloud

Load will load all the tasks that you have saved to the cloud and also your task tree

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