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Here follows a list of user stories, uses which Taskify could be applied to. The idea is a global surfable space for task lists that obey the GTD principles of "low fatigue" and "high trust".

1. Task Browsing


Browsing the Global task space

Users can browse tasks by any number of means. For example by tag, by specific interest, by local projects that need attention, by global need, by voted curation, or by free text search.

Following the tasks of others

You may wish to browse the task list of a famous person. e.g. check out what Richard Branson has on his public or shared task list. Who might be the first politician to log their manifesto as a task list and be monitored by the electorate on their progress - now there's a challenge!

By profession

You may be interested in becoming a farmer. By watching a task archive on for a given professions you can get a good idea on what that person does on a day to day basis.

Sharing tasks

You may find a task that needs doing. You can share this task with the public, with a shared group or specific individuals. You come back later and see the activity related to this task.


Browse the task lists of your friends. Someone has a birthday coming up, you can see what would really make them happy, or simply do things for one another spontaneously. You can get notifications when someone helps you or your group out, and vice versa.

Wedding planning

So much to do, who's there to help. Do you really know all the hidden talents of all your friends and extended family? Taskify and find out, what's a one-off task for you may be everyday basic for someone else.


Secure matching engines should enable you to discover other people with similar interests to you. You type in "world peace" and see the message "181 other people are interested in solving this issue -- would you like to connect". Using advanced crypto techniques it should be possible to do this securely and anonymously as preferred

By category

Create new task lists and categories on the fly and link them together. One for "ideas" one for "home" etc. Link them together in a tree or web.

By Importance / Urgency

Based on the time management theories of Randy Pausch, it is advantageous to work on important tasks rather than working on urgent tasks, where possible. A convenient method of organization and prioritization of tasks should be built into the interface, and also the AI helpers.

2. Productivity Improvement


Quantified self

A productivity hacker can evaluate their productivity over a certain time period and find patterns which enable them to work more effectively, say, at a certain time of day, or day of the week. Conversely, can establish times or patterns which are appropriate for downtime.


Adding a reward or score for breaking down tasks into a logic tree and solving the next steps can be that little boost that helps make your work day that little bit more fun. Alternatively whole game ecosystems could be based on the solving of tasks piece by piece and sharing with your social circle.

Self Assessment

A person completing a project can review the way in which they completed a task by playing back what happened at a later time. From such patterns can be established better ways of working.

Remote Worker Income

A remote working is paid according to how quickly they can complete a project. Using taskify it may be possible to complete work fast, which in turn, has a direct impact on income. This will allow the developer to have either more free time, or higher pay, depending on their preference.

Life Coaching

You may wish to share your task archive with a life coach. In this way give the priorities in your life another set of perspectives in order to see what changes could make the most positive impact in your daily life.

Expert Evaluation

You may wish to share your task archive with an expert in your field. In this way they can establish your 'leaks' on what you can improve easily, or offer tips and short cuts that you may not have previously considered.

Alternative to Pomodoro

You can have an alternative version of Pomodoro that is based not only on time, but also, on how much work you do, before giving yourself a break. In this way you can optimize learning, attention span and output, in a way that suits your working habits.


People learning a new task can shadow an expert. See what they do in real time, imagine that situation. Alternative the interface can become interactive in real time allowing the user to try things out and get instant feedback.

Auto Documentation

Given your task stream it should be possible to create documentation and time lines that are presented for the correct audience based on work done. In many cases this could avoid the duplication of effort of work and documentation, saving time and capital.

3. Frictionless Payments and Markets


Pay Per Task

A peer to peer task payment system can be established, or group to peer, or peer to group. This can facilitate the bringing together of producers and consumers to increase economic production.

Complementary Currencies

Complementary currencies can be created at well, or via time banks, LETS schemes or barter, in cases where there is sufficient trust to quantify value.

Positive Reputation

A person might be active in helping out in their local community. After time he can be rated by others and given a positive reputation, karma, or alternative currencies.


A marketplace for tasks can bring people together to compete for possible tasks. The marketplace will match parties based on their preferences.

Find an expert

If a task originator needs to find an expert to complete one of their tasks. they should be able to offer the task to the market and look at the history of tasks of people biding to complete the task.

4. Local Community Benefits


Accredited volunteer work

Someone may have been unemployed for 3 months. However they may have volunteered for a number of projects while out of work. A record can be established of contributions, that could be presented, say, to the unemployment office.

Local Projects

If you curate tasks and projects well (for example by secure voting) it can become like a community kickstarter. You could imagine this as a more efficient and more democratic way of allocating capital for local projects, leading to better returns on investment.

Reference video:

Fire Department

The fire department wishes to distribute smoke detectors to the local community. However a large percentage will not open the door, particularly the most vulnerable people in society. You could imagine a task system where local residents are encouraged to help arrange appointments, perhaps with league tables of who has done most, directly statistically translatable into saved lives.

Foster Parent support

It can often take several weeks to get simple tasks such as a hair cut approved for foster children. A more efficient and secure task approval system could help make such procedures more efficient.

5. Technical Innovation Enablement


Command Line

A developer wishes to use taskify but does not with to run a browser or rich client. The main functions of taskify should be available from the command line. In this way, also, a robot can curate, search and organize tasks.


It should be possible to encrypt tasks such that you can store them on a less trusted server in a way so that you are the only one that can read it. This may be appropriate, for example, or a personal diary.


Your task universe should be able to project onto a wall. Any number of innovative displays should be possible, in the styles, of "Minority Report", for example. Realtime updates will also be a seamless experience.

Time based tasks

Tasks can be unlocked based on time. For example a child can receive a code at a 11:30am to open their pack lunch, but not before.

Your robot friend

Robots can be used to perform tidying operations on your task list, archiving, remembering and informing you of what's important and when.


The universal and web scale nature of taskify via linked data, allows it to integrate with almost any system out there. In this way, taskify can become a gateway to the universe of projects, and rewards, on the Web.

Taskify Building itself

Taskify can break itself down into tasks and essentially build itself, much in the same way that a 3D printer can recursively replicate.

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