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= Todo list for TaskJuggler 3.x
This is a possibly still incomplete list of things that still could
or should be done for TaskJuggler 3.x.
== Missing features for 2.x compatibility
* Add missing functions for logical expressions.
* Missing reports (calendar)
* More unit tests for core classes.
* Lots more test cases for the test suite.
== New features (probably after first stable release)
* Make web server reports more dynamic with controller elements.
* Add support for an optional account attribute to be
used instead of the defined charge set.
task "Foo" {
charge 2000 onstart { account someacc }
* Evaluate if account name space should be hierarchical.
* Hammock tasks
* Delta reports that show only the differences between 2 arbitrary
* Per scenario purging
* User defined numerical attributes that add-up.
* Critical path detection after scheduling.
* SVG reports
* Pert charts
* Highlight dependency arrows of a task with mouse-over effect.
* Make gap ends align with certain times or days of week, day of
weeks or day of months.
= Discontinued 2.x features
TaskJuggler III should be mostly compatible with 2.x. Existing
projects should be usable with TaskJuggler III with no to minimal
effort. Nevertheless we will use the transition to TaskJuggler III as
an opportunity to drop some things that have been badly designed or
are of too little use to justify the porting efforts.
There is currently no plan to port the TaskJuggler 2.x GUI due to
lack of time/resources. Help in this area will be greatly appretiated.
* XML file reading.
* htmlstatusreport. This report can now be created with composed
* The syntax for reports has changed somewhat. See manual for details.
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