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askalex commented Apr 3, 2012

For a current project planning the following feature would be very useful:

Possibility to hide 'task' from scheduling (not only from reports) depending on some control mechanism.

Via project scenarios different progress variants for a project can be scheduled. An analogous approach could probably solve this:
In the early planning phase it would be interesting to exclude several tasks from scheduling, e.g. if the feature set is not fixed yet by the customer. While it is possible to use the commenting feature of the tj3 language it is tedious to keep things consistent, if many tasks are affected.

Suggestion: a task property "projectvariant" like so:

task solution "Solution" {
  task  simple "Simple" { 
    projectvariant simple
    effort 2d
   task  complex "Complex" { 
      projectvariant complex
      effort 30d

Then you could schedule each variant to compare the planning result. I'm aware of that many problems can arise when other tasks depend on the respective tasks. But this problem is also present, when tasks can only be hidden by commenting them out: taskjuggler then complains about missing task ids.

By the way: thanks a lot for this very useful and powerful tool
And sorry: i didn't find out how to set the "feature" label for the issue


scrapper commented Apr 4, 2012

It would be a nice feature, but it's quite a bit of work. The biggest challenge is to find all the places that cross reference tasks and fix them appropriately. Also multi-scenario reports may be difficult to do. I've marked it as a feature request now. Maybe somebody wants to have a go at this.

For now, you can try to use git branches to manage and sync the various versions of your project.

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