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Integrate holiday data in tj3 #54

maxmeyer opened this Issue Apr 10, 2012 · 2 comments

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Hi there,

folks from the taskwarrior team ( created to provide holiday data. It may help users to add vacations to their project files.

I see at least two possibilities to integrate the data in taskjuggler:

  • Using a script/sub-command of tj3: Fetch on request by user and output in the correct format needed by taskjuggler on STDOUT
  • Integrate as TaskJuggler option to vacation-command: Fetch on the first compilation run (and cache it)

Personallay I would prefer a subcommand. Otherwise you get wrong calculations if there is no online connection.

BTW: They also tell you if there are "regional" holidays: look for NRW or BW (Germany) at .

Information from their website

    The locale should be one of the supported locales (see the supported Locales, years and formats).
    The year should be a four-digit value no earlier than 2011.
    The data format should be one of: CSV, XML, YAML, JSON.


@scrapper scrapper was assigned Apr 12, 2012
nibua-r commented Feb 7, 2013


eliasp commented Jan 6, 2014

Another possibility:
instead of relying on an online source (which would need some additional caching logic etc. for offline use), use the holidays gem.

Then one could define a location/region for a resource:

resource johndoe "John Doe" {
  email "john@doe.tld"
  location "de/bw"

It should be possible to overwrite the region for task allocations (e.g. working temporarily in another country where different holidays apply) like this:

task onsite_implementation "Implement the product at the customer's site" {
  allocate johndoe { location "us/ca" }
  effort 8d

Maybe it should be also possible to override holidays for resources e.g. for special high-priority shifts like network-changes during major holidays like christmas which isn't that unusual, at least in IT.

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