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A CLI task (todo list) manager application for the terminal (Linux, Mac OS X or cygwin). This repository here is just a mirror of the main, "master", repository that can be found at
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cmake/Modules Use the native readline library on FreeBSD as well
doc Doc: Document bulk=0 in taskrc manpage
package-config Documentation
performance Performance
scripts Hooks: Remove read loop from example on-exit hook
src Lexer: Corrected off-by-one error in ::isTripleCharOperator
test Tests: Corrected test that assumes lines are longer than they are
.gitignore Ignore taskd in src folder (for running taskd tests)
CMakeLists.txt CMake: Enable compiler warnings
ChangeLog TW-1583: Invalid ID displayed after done/delete
DEVELOPER Documentation
EXPOSITION Documentation
INSTALL TW-1579: Add INSTALL note for OpenBSD
NEWS Documentation: 'rc.bulk=0' notes. Documentation Polish localization. Code Cleanup

Disclaimer during ongoing development

We want to discourage you from using the development version of Taskwarrior.

The development branch is a work in progress and may not pass all quality tests, therefore it may harm your data. We do not guarantee proper or even adequate functionality, performance or timely fixes.

We welcome bug reports from beta- and release-level software, but generally not development versions. If you are undaunted by this, please:

  • Make proper backups.
  • Expect broken and missing functionality.
  • Be aware that using the development branch involves risks.

Thank you for taking a look at Taskwarrior!

Taskwarrior is a GTD, todo list, task management, command line utility with a multitude of features. It is a portable, well supported and very active Open Source project. Taskwarrior has binary distributions, online documentation, demonstration movies, and you'll find all the details at:

At the site you'll find online documentation, downloads, news and more.

Your contributions are especially welcome. Whether it comes in the form of code patches, ideas, discussion, bug reports, encouragement or criticism, your input is needed.

For support options, take a look at:

Please send your code patches to:

Consider joining, and participating in the future of taskwarrior.

Taskwarrior is released under the MIT license. For details check the LICENSE file.

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