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Key Conservation

You can find the deployed project at ( if you are on iOS you will need the following information to log into the app...on the Expo Client app on your mobile device... log into the Expo Client with the following credentials ... email - pass - tester and you will find the project is under the profile view in "Deployed Projects"


Team Lead

Asa-Michael Shalom


Luis Morabito Gabby Loscalzo


Jay Maas Leonel Flores Bazen Berhane Taslim Yakub
Matthew Klein Pearl Paris Zach Christy Sam Jeffcoat

MIT React Typescript [Netlify Status](netlify link goes in these parenthesis) code style: prettier

Project Overview

Trello Board

Product Canvas

UX Design files

Project Description

Key Conservation is helping conservationists gain critical funding and global support through a mobile app that provides real-time updates on day-to-day campaigns.

We are wildlife biologists who saw a massive disconnect in the way we could reach out for real-time global support for critical needs outside our project's budget. We also knew conservation organizations all over the world were facing similar issues.

Additionally, supporters of conservation organizations want more transparency as to where their money is going, what the outcome of their support is, as well as, better ways to stay connected.

Key Features

  • Authentication with Auth0
  • Conservation profiles to create campaigns
  • Create/Update/Delete campaigns
  • Supporter profiles to donate to campaigns
  • Search campaigns
  • All users can edit/personalize profile

Tech Stack

Front end built using:

Expo (

  • Prefered Choice of Stakeholder
  • Expo is able to produce code base for iOS and Android
  • Relatable to current React experience for Development Team
  • Expo is widely supported and used by many companies

React (

React-Native (

Redux (

React-Redux (

React-Navigation (

React-Native-SVG-URI (

React-Native-Search-Filter (

Front end Published to Expo

Back end built using:


  • Express server for resftul API
  • Familiarity and experience in creating production ready code
  • Ease of integration to Expo



Auth0 provides authentication and authorization as a service and includes a whole suite of products available to benefit owner/user/developer.

Amplitude Analytics

Amplitude provides analytics for our app in a way that is easiest to work with Expo without having to eject.

We have setup a HOC to wrap desired components to have analytics. The component is called withAmplitude.js. There are functions in there as well that can be imported for easier and quicker use.

Staging API here


Production API here


Environment Variables

In order for the app to function correctly, the user must set up their own environment variables. There should be a .env file containing the following:

5️⃣ Content Licenses

FontAwesome Pro License From:


When contributing to this repository, please first discuss the change you wish to make via issue, email, or any other method with the owners of this repository before making a change.

Please note we have a code of conduct. Please follow it in all your interactions with the project.

Issue/Bug Request

If you are having an issue with the existing project code, please submit a bug report under the following guidelines:

  • Check first to see if your issue has already been reported.
  • Check to see if the issue has recently been fixed by attempting to reproduce the issue using the latest master branch in the repository.
  • Create a live example of the problem.
  • Submit a detailed bug report including your environment & browser, steps to reproduce the issue, actual and expected outcomes, where you believe the issue is originating from, and any potential solutions you have considered.

Feature Requests

We would love to hear from you about new features which would improve this app and further the aims of our project. Please provide as much detail and information as possible to show us why you think your new feature should be implemented.

Pull Requests

If you have developed a patch, bug fix, or new feature that would improve this app, please submit a pull request. It is best to communicate your ideas with the developers first before investing a great deal of time into a pull request to ensure that it will mesh smoothly with the project.

Remember that this project is licensed under the MIT license, and by submitting a pull request, you agree that your work will be, too.

Pull Request Guidelines

  • Ensure any install or build dependencies are removed before the end of the layer when doing a build.
  • Update the with details of changes to the interface, including new plist variables, exposed ports, useful file locations and container parameters.
  • Ensure that your code conforms to our existing code conventions and test coverage.
  • Include the relevant issue number, if applicable.
  • You may merge the Pull Request in once you have the sign-off of two other developers, or if you do not have permission to do that, you may request the second reviewer to merge it for you.


These contribution guidelines have been adapted from this


See Backend Documentation for details on the backend of our project.


This is the react native application.






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