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Simple Tasmota firmware flashing tool based on NodeMCU PyFlasher
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Tasmota PyFlasher

GitHub Releases GitHub Discord

Simple GUI tool for flashing Tasmota firmware wihout any installation. Forked from NodeMCU Pyflasher (based on and wxPython).

Tasmota PyFlasher GUI


Tasmota PyFlasher doesn't have to be installed, just double-click it and it'll start. Check the releases section for download.

Getting help

In the unlikely event that you're stuck with this simple tool the best way to get help is Tasmota Discord.

For flashing instructions and toubleshooting visit Tasmota Wiki


Show your love and support for open-source development by donating to the author of the original tool - NodeMCU PyFlasher.

Build it yourself

If you want to build this application yourself you need to:

  • Install Python 3.x and Pip (it comes with Python if installed from
  • Create a virtual environment with python -m venv venv
  • Activate the virtual environment with . venv/bin/activate (. venv/Scripts/activate if you are on Windows with Cygwin or Mingw)
  • Run pip install -r requirements.txt

A note on Linux: As described on the downloads section of wxPython, wheels for Linux are complicated and may require you to run something like this to install wxPython correctly:

# Assuming you are running it on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with GTK3
pip install -U \
    -f \


There was no GUI flashing tool with the needed Tasmota default settings.



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