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import numpy as np
from scipy.signal import welch
from scipy.fftpack import fft
from scipy import signal
from detect_peaks import detect_peaks
def get_values(y_values, T, N, f_s):
y_values = y_values
x_values = [(1/f_s) * kk for kk in range(0,len(y_values))]
return x_values, y_values
def get_fft_values(y_values, T, N, f_s):
f_values = np.linspace(0.0, 1.0/(2.0*T), N//2)
fft_values_ = fft(y_values)
fft_values = 2.0/N * np.abs(fft_values_[0:N//2])
return f_values, fft_values
def get_psd_values(y_values, T, N, f_s):
f_values, psd_values = welch(y_values, fs=f_s)
return f_values, psd_values
def autocorr(x):
result = np.correlate(x, x, mode='full')
return result[len(result)//2:]
def get_autocorr_values(y_values, T, N, f_s):
autocorr_values = autocorr(y_values)
x_values = np.array([T * jj for jj in range(0, N)])
return x_values, autocorr_values
def get_first_n_peaks(x,y,no_peaks=5):
x_, y_ = list(x), list(y)
if len(x_) >= no_peaks:
return x_[:no_peaks], y_[:no_peaks]
missing_no_peaks = no_peaks-len(x_)
return x_ + [0]*missing_no_peaks, y_ + [0]*missing_no_peaks
def get_features(x_values, y_values, mph):
indices_peaks = detect_peaks(y_values, mph=mph)
peaks_x, peaks_y = get_first_n_peaks(x_values[indices_peaks], y_values[indices_peaks])
return peaks_x + peaks_y
def extract_features_labels(dataset, labels, T, N, f_s, denominator):
percentile = 5
list_of_features = []
list_of_labels = []
for signal_no in range(0, len(dataset)):
features = []
for signal_comp in range(0,dataset.shape[2]):
signal = dataset[signal_no, :, signal_comp]
signal_min = np.nanpercentile(signal, percentile)
signal_max = np.nanpercentile(signal, 100-percentile)
#ijk = (100 - 2*percentile)/10
mph = signal_min + (signal_max - signal_min)/denominator
features += get_features(*get_psd_values(signal, T, N, f_s), mph)
features += get_features(*get_fft_values(signal, T, N, f_s), mph)
features += get_features(*get_autocorr_values(signal, T, N, f_s), mph)
return np.array(list_of_features), np.array(list_of_labels)
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