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A recommender system for GNU/Linux applications
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AppRecommender - Application recommender for GNU/Linux systems

Install dependencies

# apt-get install python python-xapian python-apt python-cluster python-webpy python-simplejson python-numpy apt-xapian-index python-xdg debtags python-pip python-sklearn python-nltk python-matplotlib -y

sudo update-apt-xapian-index

pip install setuptools

Run AppRecommender web UI

$ cd ./src/web
$ ./

Open a browser and access http://localhost:8080

More info at

Run AppRecommender in Terminal

$ cd ./bin
$ ./ -s cb

Run "$ ./ -h" to view the recommender strategies

Prepare AppRecommender data

Run the following commands:
$ ./
$ cd ./bin
$ ./ --init

Run Machine Learning Training

$ cd ./bin
$ ./ --train
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