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Create Little Snitch rule group from list of hostnames
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Generate a rule group for Little Snitch from one of Steven Black's host blocklists.

We assume the raw host file takes the following form:

# Comment lines normal.hosts

# Blacklist hosts start

# More blacklist hosts

All blacklist hosts have the IP address The script parses out the hostnames and adds them to a JSON template representing the Little Snitch rule group. This is written to stdout.

The template looks like this:

  "description" : "Generated from $URL",
  "name" : "$NAME",
  "denied-remote-hosts" : [



Environment variables

The following environment variables affect the behaviour of snitcher:

  • URL: the source URL, which should produce what looks like a regular UNIX hosts file. Defaults to
  • NAME: the name for this rule group. Defaults to Steven Black.

Generating multiple rules files

The website in the docs/ directory is hosted on GitHub at The rules files are hosted on a different server so they can be dynamically updated. The script rebuilds these files every day based on a cron job.

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