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#Crosslight Implementation

Visit the Crosslight page on the PropertyCross website for screenshots and code sharing metrics.


Crosslight is a commercial cross-platform mobile development toolset from Intersoft which is geared towards enterprise app development. With Crosslight you use an extensible MVVM architecture and the Xamarin platform to build native iOS, Android and Windows Phone applications from a common codebase.

The Crosslight Foundation provides a set of APIs that support application development, these include a cross-platform binding framework (adding binding to iOS and Android), an Entity Designer for data modeling, a cross-platform navigation model and presenter services. As a result, Crosslight applications allow you to share more code between platforms than a Xamarin equivalent.

##Building the Application

To run this sample in iOS, Android, and Windows Phone emulator, you will need to have your development environment appropriately configured. For in-depth guide, please check out our article here.

##Example Structure

  • PropertyCross_Intersoft.iOS - Crosslight iOS project, works on iPhones and iPad with Storyboard support.
  • PropertyCross_Intersoft.Android.Material - Crosslight Android Material project, works on phones and tablets.
  • PropertyCross_Intersoft.Android - Crosslight Android project, works on phones and tablets.
  • PropertyCross_Intersoft.Core - Shared Portable Class Library project running Profile78.
  • PropertyCross_Intersoft.WinPhone - Crosslight Windows Phone project, works on Windows Phone 8 and above.

##Relevant Links

For more information about PropertyCross, visit PropertyCross.com. For more information about Crosslight, visit Intersoft Crosslight.

In addition, you might find the following resources useful to get started with Crosslight: