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Visit the DevExtreme page on the PropertyCross website for screenshots and code sharing metrics.


DevExtreme is a commercial cross-platform HTML5/JavaScript tools for mobile and web development from DevExpress.

DevExtreme Mobile provides the way to use one of popular MVVM frameworks (Knockout or AngularJS) for structuring the application, with the DevExtreme CSS providing a native-styled UI for the various phone platforms. DevExtreme mobile applications use PhoneGap for packaging.

DevExtreme Complete subscription is a more integrated solution which adds Visual Studio tooling.


The documentation for DevExtreme can be found online. DevExtreme applications can be run directly from a browser, although you have to override the browser UserAgent or use a simulator such as Ripple in order to mimic a mobile browser.

The DevExtreme mobile application is packaged using PhoneGap Build, with the configuration specified in the config.xml file.

##Application Structure

  • \css - The DevExtreme CSS files for the various supported platforms.
  • \images - The images used by this app.
  • \js - The DevExtreme framework, and associated dependencies, including jQuery and Knockout.
  • \layouts - Templates used by DevExtreme to describe standard screen layouts.
  • \Resources - icons and splashscreens used by PhoneGap.
  • \views - contains the HTML views and the view models for this application.
  • .htaccess - HTTP no-cache settings for testing purposes
  • cordova.js - The PhoneGap JavaScript file.
  • create-package.cmd - script that creates the PhoneGap package, removing unnecessary files.
  • index.html - Defines the various view for the application.
  • package-exclude.txt - used by create-package.cmd.
  • stats-config.json - Used by the PropertyCross build in order to compute code sharing metrics.