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Visit the Emy page on the PropertyCross website for screenshots and code sharing metrics.


Emy is a lightweight library for building cross-platform mobile application using HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. It is shown here with its own theme, but has themes available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Emy is free and open sourced under an MIT licence.

The Emy version of PropertyCross uses PhoneGap Build in order to create the native packages.

##Building The Application

Applications developed with Emy can be run directly within a web browser. Because the application uses XHR in order to load templates, if you run the application from your local file system you will encounter problems due to the same origin policy. You can solve this either by serving the app from a web server, or by using one of the Chrome switches that disables this policy.

The Emy application is packaged using PhoneGap Build - see /phonegap/README.md for details.

##Application Structure

  • /www/assets - icons and splashscreens used by PhoneGap, these are generated via the PropertyCross build system.
  • /www/emy - The Emy library and theme
  • /www/css - the application CSS customisation
  • /www/images - application images
  • /www/scripts - the javascript code
  • /www/index.html - Defines the various view for the application.
  • /Gruntfile.js - the Grunt build specification
  • /package.json - project metadata for Grunt and NPM