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#jQTouch PropertyCross

Visit the jQTouch page on the PropertyCross website for screenshots and code sharing metrics.


jQTouch is a Zepto/jQuery plugin which provides a framework for developing iOS and Android applications. It is both open source and free to use.

jQTouch provides a structure on which to base the HTML, the majority of the application styling, page transition animations and touch based event handling; however, it's not a fully featured application development solution so this project uses a number of other technologies fill in the gaps:

  • Knockout - a JavaScript MVVM framework.
  • RequireJS - a JavaScript file and module loader.
  • PhoneGap - used to wrap the code so that it can be installed as a native application.

To aid the development process, this project makes use of CoffeeScript and Sass over JavaScript and CSS respectively.

##Building The Application

Applications developed with jQTouch can be run directly within a web browser control. Because the application uses XHR in order to load templates, if you run the application from your local file system you will encounter problems due to the same origin policy. You can solve this either by serving the app from a web server, or by using one of the Chrome switches that disables this policy.

The jQTouch application is packaged using PhoneGap Build, with the configuration specified in the config.xml file.

##Application Structure

  • \assets - Icons and splashscreens used by PhoneGap, these are generated via the PropertyCross build system.
  • \dataSource - CoffeeScript for application data sources.
  • \lib - The various JavaScript frameworks used by this implementation
  • \model - CoffeeScript defining base models of the application.
  • \style - The application specific styles, generated using SaSS.
  • \themes - The standard jQTouch CSS.
  • \util - CoffeeScript defining utility classes or functions.
  • \viewModel - The view models that implement the PropertyCross logic.
  • coffee-script.js - The CoffeeScript JS compiler v1.4.0 - http://coffeescript.org.
  • config.xml - The XML file that is used by PhoneGap Build in order to package the app
  • cs.js - The CoffeeScript RequireJS plugin - http://github.com/jrburke/require-cs.
  • index.html - Defines the various views for the application and imports required CSS and scripts.
  • main.coffee - The main entry point of the application.
  • stats-config.json - Used by the PropertyCross build in order to compute code sharing metrics.