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Native PropertyCross

These are the native implementations of the Property Cross application, included as reference.


The native implementations of the PropertyCross application are included as a benchmark for comparison. These implementations illustrate the tools and technologies that are used for native development on each mobile platform. The native implementations also provide a target for the user experience that should be aimed for with the cross-platform frameworks, with the assumption being that the use of native implementation technologies will provide the best user experience.

The iOS application is built using Xcode, the Windows Phone application is built using Visual Studio together with the Windows Phone 7 SDKs, and the Android version is built using Eclipse.

Building the iOS and Windows Phone applications

The iOS version is built using XCode5.1, the Windows Phone version using Visual Studio and the Windows Phone 7.1 SDKs.

Building the Android Application

The native Android PropertyCross requires the following dependencies:

  • The Android Support library, supplied in PropertyCross/libs/
  • Version 2.1 of BitmapLruCache, supplied in PropertyCross/libs/
  • ActionBarSherlock, you will then need to make PropertyCross reference ActionBarSherlock as a library project in Eclipse:
    • In Eclipse: Select File > Import > Existing Android code into workspace
    • Navigate to where ActionBarSherlock was downloaded to, and select the library/ project.
    • Right-click on the ActionBarSherlock project and select "Properties." In the "Android" section, ensure "Is Library" is selected.
    • Right-click on the PropertyCross project and select "Properties." In the "Android" section, click "Add". Locate the ActionBarSherlock project.

Should ADT complain about a JAR mismatch between the version of the Android Support Library used by ActionBarSherlock and PropertyCross, take the version supplied inPropertyCross/libs and copy it into the ActionBarSherlock/libs folder. Should you need to do this, create a copy of ActionBarSherlock for this particular modification so other projects you may have remain unaffected.