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#NativeScript implementation with Angular 2

Visit the NativeScript page on the PropertyCross website for screenshots.


NativeScript is a framework for building native iOS and Android apps using JavaScript and CSS. NativeScript renders UIs with the native platform’s rendering engine, resulting in native-like performance and UX. When an app is build, the NativeScript runtime translates the non-platform specific code to the native language of the target platform. Using the NativeScript/Angular2 bridge the features of NativeScript and Angular2 can be combined to write Angular2 components for mobile platforms.

##Building the Application

Install your native toolchain and NativeScript as described in the docs:


Then install the needed NPM packages:

$ npm install

###Add your chosen platform

$ tns platform add android
$ tns platform add ios

###Run in emulator

$ tns run android --emulator
$ tns run ios --emulator

##Application Structure

  • package.json
  • \app
    • app.css - the styles for the application.
    • config.ts
    • main.ts - the application boot strap and global dependency injection.
    • property-cross.ts - the main application class, setting up the routing.
    • \App_Resources - icons used by the app,
    • \components - the Angular 2 components of the application. One component per page.
    • \models - the model layer of the application.
    • \pipes - a pipe for very simple currency formatting as the Angular 2 pipes are not working with NativeScript currently.
    • \services - two services, one to handle the communication to the Nestoria APIs and one to persist the recent searches.
    • \views - the NativeScript XML views used by the components.

##Further Reading