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#NeoMAD PropertyCross

Visit the NeoMAD page on the PropertyCross website for screenshots and code sharing metrics.


NeoMAD is a proprietary framework for cross-platform mobile applications development.

The key points of NeoMAD are :

  • Developers work on a single Java source code to address all the phones and tablets currently on market while maximizing the capabilities of each of them : Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7 and 8, Blackberry, Nokia Asha, JavaME;
  • For each platform NeoMAD provide a Generic API with native UI Controls.
  • NeoMAD produces from this single Java code, the native source codes for each targeted platform; NeoMAD also produces optimized binaries for each target;
  • The developer can use native code in the Java source code to meet specific needs or integrate existing developments;
  • NeoMAD provides a plugin for Eclipse to help to structure the development and production of mobile applications;
  • NeoMAD offers an integrated simulation solution and merges tools offered by manufacturers of mobiles;
  • NeoMAD improves development productivity, facilitates maintenance, and future proof your investment from the evolution of technologies;

Find out more at NeoMAD website.

The PropertyCross implementation makes use of the Event Driven Programming.

##Building the Application

To build this project you'll first need NeoMAD installed (refer to provided NeoMAD User Guide for setup instructions). You may want to install NeoMAD plugin for Eclipse for loading the project in Eclipse IDE.

Generate the targeted binaries (iOS version can only be built on MacOS and WP version only on Windows) using either the command line or the NeoMAD Eclipse plugin (refer to NeoMAD User Guide)

Further reading