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#RhoMobile PropertyCross

Visit the RhoMobile page on the PropertyCross website for screenshots and code sharing metrics.


RhoMobile Suite is an integrated set of tools, created by Motorola Solutions, for building cross-platform mobile application using HTML5, JavaScript and Ruby. RhoMobile is made available under an MIT licence. Applications are developed using RhoStudio which is an Eclipse-based IDE. During development, applications can be tested using the built-in RhoSimulator, which is a Webkit-based browser, or a platform specific simulator. Building RhoMobile applications for Windows Phone, iOS or Android relies on the presence of the native SDKs.

RhoMobile applications follow the MVC pattern, with the application UI defined in HTML (with jQuery Mobile being used to style the output). Application logic can be programmed in either JavaScript or Ruby.

Building the Application

In order to build the PropertyCross application, download RhoMobile Suite and install, following the pre-requisites and installation instructions for your platform.

Once RhoStudio is installed, the easiest way to build PropertyCross is to create a new project using the existing sourcecode. Select File -> New -> Project -> Rhomobile -> Rhomobile Application then check "create application from existing source", and locate your PropertyCross folder.

You can run the application directly from RhoStudio, however, if you want to deploy to a device you will need to install the required SDKs. You can find a full set of instructions within the RhoMobile documentation.

Application Structure