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V-Play Apps PropertyCross

Visit the V-Play page on the PropertyCross website for screenshots and code sharing metrics.


V-Play Apps allows to create feature-rich, cross-platform native apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and others. V-Play Apps was designed with mobile-first in mind, providing components that look and feel native on all supported platforms. The main highlights are:

  • Native Look and Feel: Get a native look and feel from a single code base, like a navigation drawer on Android vs tabs on iOS.
  • Auto-adapting UI: Create one app and support every device, with responsive layout components that adapt to any screen.
  • Animations: Polish your App with smooth and easy-to-use animations and transitions.
  • Native Performance: V-Play Apps run fully native on devices. No wrapper, no hybrid. Enjoy full performance instead.
  • Controls: Buttons, Switches, List Views, Input Controls and more.
  • Device Features & Sensors: Access to camera, microphone, accelerometer, GPS or file system and add custom C++, Obj-C / Java or native SDKs where needed.
  • Multimedia: Play a wide range of video and audio formats within your app.
  • Networking & Connectivity: Powerful components for HTTP connections, Bluetooth, WebSockets and more.
  • SQL Database, web storage and localization/internationalization support
  • Use V-Play Plugins for monetization, analytics, push notifications and social services like Facebook.

V-Play Apps is part of V-Play SDK, a framework powered by popular Qt framework.

Building the Application

  1. Sign up for a free account at v-play.net and download the V-Play SDK.
  2. After installation make sure to install the Android and iOS targets with the Maintenance Tool.
  3. You can then open PropertyCross.pro with Qt Creator, select your build target and run the app.

Application Structure

  • \android - Resource files used for bundling the Android app
  • \ios - Resource files used for bundling the iOS app
  • \PropertyCross.pro - Main project file for the V-Play app
  • \qml - The actual source code implementation files
  • \qml\PropertyCrossMain.qml - Main source file, app entry point
  • \main.cpp - Entry point for the native application