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Thank you for your interest in contributing!

If your Hacker News implementation meets the specifications, don't hesitate to put up a PR to add its summary to HNPWA!

If you would like to file a PR to update the site's design, please file an issue for it first.


  1. Fork the repo
  2. Clone your fork
  3. Make a branch for your changes
  4. Install Ruby version 2.1+. To install the latest - execute following commands:
    • curl -L | bash -s stable
    • rvm install ruby-[version]
  5. Install jekyll and bundler gems.
    • gem install jekyll bundler
  6. Go into the site directory and execute:
    • bundle install
  7. npm install
  8. npm run dev to kick off a development server
  9. To test the Service Worker locally you can run npm run dev-sw instead.
  10. If you're adding a summary of your Hacker News implementation:
    • Create a new entry under _apps with your application name
    • Fill out the list of attributes following the format of any of the other apps in the same directory. You'll need to include an image of your application as well. To fit the phone outline appropriately, please take a screenshot of your application emulated within a Nexus 5X using Chrome DevTools. This tutorial shows how to toggle Device Mode for the browser.
    • Add yourself to the _contributors directory and similarly fill out all the attributes there (make sure the authors attribute underneath your app in _apps has the same exact name attribute as here)
  11. Create a pull request from your branch on your fork to master on this repo
  12. Have your branch get merged in! 馃専