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Dermis app: Add footer link

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1 parent a747018 commit 7ffb0a026c00253ba545dea6c531c0738d94fd27 @sindresorhus sindresorhus committed
BIN architecture-examples/.DS_Store
Binary file not shown.
BIN labs/architecture-examples/.DS_Store
Binary file not shown.
BIN labs/architecture-examples/dermis/.DS_Store
Binary file not shown.
7 labs/architecture-examples/dermis/index.html
@@ -20,7 +20,6 @@
<input id="toggle-all" type="checkbox" data-on-click=":toggle" data-checked=":allCompleted < .items" data-show=":all < .items | length | overZero">
<label for="toggle-all">Mark all as complete</label>
<ul id="todo-list">
<li data-each-todo=":todos < .items .mode" data-class-completed="todo.completed" data-class-editing="todo.editable">
<div class="view">
<input class="toggle" type="checkbox" data-checked="todo.completed">
@@ -29,10 +28,8 @@
<input class="edit" data-value="todo.title" data-on-change="todo:uneditable">
<footer id="footer" data-show=":all < .items | length | overZero">
<span id="todo-count">
<strong data-text=":active < .items | length"></strong>
@@ -57,12 +54,12 @@
<footer id="info">
<p>Double-click to edit a todo</p>
<p>Created by <a href="">Contra</a></p>
+ <p>Part of <a href="">TodoMVC</a></p>
<script src="../../../assets/base.js"></script>
<script src="../../../assets/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="../../../assets/require.min.js"></script>
<script src="js/lib/dermis.js"></script>
<script src="js/app.js"></script>

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