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Ryan Eastridge
Ryan Eastridge committed Sep 20, 2012
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@@ -229,6 +229,9 @@ <h2>Labs</h2>
<a href="" data-source="" data-content="Backbone.xmpp is a drop-in replacement for Backbone’s RESTful API, allowing models/collections to be persisted on XMPP Pub-Sub nodes providing real-time updates.">Backbone.xmpp</a>
+ <li>
+ <a href="labs/architecture-examples/thorax" data-source="" data-content="Thorax is a Backbone superset that integrates deeply with Handlebars to provide easy model and collection binding.">Thorax</a>
+ </li>
<a href="labs/architecture-examples/canjs/dojo/" data-source="" data-content="CanJS with Dojo. CanJS is a client-side, JavaScript framework that makes building rich web applications easy. It provides can.Model (for connecting to RESTful JSON interfaces), can.View (for template loading and caching), can.Observe (for key-value binding), can.EJS (live binding templates), can.Control (declarative event bindings) and can.route (routing support).">CanJS (Dojo)</a>

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