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Use .focus() instead of .select()? #203

sindresorhus opened this Issue · 6 comments

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I can't remember why we started using .select() in the first place, but @IgorMinar has a point:

because when I doubleclick on a item I typically want to change only a small part of it. select() highlights the whole text and forces me to deselect it. if I do want to select the whole thing I can just triple click on the item and then I'll get this behavior.

I think we should change it back.


Converted all apps to use .focus, but even so, there are some that still selects the text. Need to figure out why...

The following still selects the text:

  • Dojo
  • Emberjs
  • Spine
  • YUI
  • Backbone Require
  • Knockout Require
  • Stapes
  • Stapes Require
  • Epitome
  • Soma.js
  • Backbone Marionette

Edited by arthurvr to remove deleted apps.


@jsoverson just pinging you incase you would be interested in tackling any of these :)


Is the list still up to date?


@passy partly. those apps is not fixed, but there has been included additional apps since then that might have the same issue.

@passy passy referenced this issue

Enyo backbone #500

@gustaff-weldon gustaff-weldon referenced this issue from a commit in gustaff-weldon/todomvc
@sindresorhus sindresorhus Convert from .select() to .focus() 0e606dc


Seems to be working correctly for me. Can you confirm that, @sindresorhus?

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