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Preamble: I somewhat recently started to learn Clojure, I stumbled upon Todomvc and I realized there was no ClojurescriptOne example

I said to myself: "this might be the occasion to get first hand experience with that framework!"

I read the contributing guidelines, and the app specification, and then... I realized that buried in the wiki there's indeed an already working CJOne example

I looked at the related pull request #232

(there' also #207 )
and in both cases, the request is denied on the basis that "it's not Javascript"

but then, the GWT and Dart apps have been happily accepted

@sindresorhus says that you stretch the "JS requirement in some cases", and

TodoMVC is about giving a taste of various JavaScript MV frameworks, something this isn't.

I looked at the GWT #103 and Dart #295 pull request:
for GWT, the issue of "not being javascript" wasn't raised at all... for Dart @addyosmani went as far as asking on the Dart mailing list for someone to implement it

it's your project, so it's fine if you have some other criteria on which you discriminate... like "notability" or "relevance for our target community", but I'd prefer that you would clearly and explicitly state them in the guidelines

Thanks :)

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I fully agree with this. We need to be more clear about the types of compile-to apps that we're willing to accept. I've tried to take a first stab at improving this by introducing a Compile To JavaScript section on our homepage, which will give way to more of these types of solutions being accepted.

If we review other frameworks which appear like they're going to be supported well (e.g CoffeeScript, Dart) then we're happy to include them.


Good :)

If I may make the case for ClojureScript: The language itself is definitely well supported and actively developed (it was started by the Clojure's BDFL itself)

(The activity around CJOne seems instead to have slown down a bit: the last commit was 3 months ago)

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Something like that could be helpful for us too when we review.

We never deny a PR without investigating and discussing the merits of it. Both ClojureScript apps you reference above was denied mostly because they're not MV*. We did have a long discussion about the GWT PR internally, but concluded with doing an exception because of it's popularity.

I was previously of the opinion that we should try to limit our scope to compile-to-languages that is similar to JS so not to dilute the project too much with various compile-to-languages. I have changed my opinion slightly lately with interesting languages like Typescript, Dart and others popping up. I now see a market for showing off those languages and that's one of the reasons we now have a separate section for them. However I still think we should limit it to the most popular ones and max 1-2 combinations, so not to create a maintenance headache.

We would be happy to accept a ClojureScript app using a MV* framework like Backbone, Angular or a ClojureScript one after discussing first discussing it in a new issue :)


please realize that this repo still has the best "tutorial" on the internet for angular+ts at the time of this writing.

fyi i am trying to learn typescript (i'm new to webdev) and my research points to angular, which is why i'm here.

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