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Elm TodoMVC Example

A functional language for interactive applications


Learning Elm

The Elm website is a great resource for getting started.

Here are some links you may find helpful:

Get help from other Elm users:

If you have other helpful links to share, or find any of the links above no longer work, please let us know.

Project Structure

All of the Elm code lives in Todo.elm and Todo/Task.elm and relies on the elm-html and elm-navigation packages.

There also is a port handler set up in index.html to set the focus on particular text fields when necessary.

Build Instructions

You need to install elm on your machine first.

Run the following commands from the root of this project:

elm-package install -y
elm-make Todo.elm --output build/elm.js

Then open index.html in your browser!


This TodoMVC application was created by @evancz, and imported into TasteJS by @passy.