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Scalajs-React TodoMVC Example

Lifts Facebook's React library into Scala.js and endeavours to make it as type-safe and Scala-friendly as possible.

Provides (opt-in) support for pure functional programming, using Scalaz and Monocle.

Comes with utility modules extra and test, helpful for React in Scala(.js), rather than React in JS. Includes a router, testing utils, performance utils, more.

Scalajs-React - https://github.com/japgolly/scalajs-react/

Learning Scala

Learning React

The React getting started documentation is a great way to get started.

Here are some links you may find helpful:

More links under the other React TodoMVC examples: React example and React-Backbone example

Learning Scala.js

Learning Scalajs-React


The build tool for this project is sbt, which is set up with a plugin to enable compilation and packaging of Scala.js web applications.

The scala.js plugin for sbt supports two compilation modes:

  • fullOptJS is a full program optimization, which is annoyingly slow when developing
  • fastOptJS is fast, but produces large generated javascript files. This is the one we use for development.

After installation, you start sbt like this:

$ sbt

After sbt has downloaded the internet, you can compile once like this:

sbt> fastOptJS 

or enable continuous compilation by prefixing a tilde

sbt> ~fastOptJS

Happy hacking! :)