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Various projects related to TodoMVC


Helping you select a cross-platform mobile framework

Introducing PropertyCross

Developers are now finding themselves having to author applications for a diverse range of mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, …), each of which have their own ‘native’ development languages, tools and environment.

There is an ever growing list of cross-platform frameworks that allow you to minimise the cost and effort of developing mobile apps, but which to choose?

To help solve this problem PropertyCross presents a non-trivial application, for searching UK property listings, developed using a range of cross-platform technologies and frameworks. Our aim is to provide developers with a practical insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each framework.

This project was heavily inspired by TodoMVC, which allows the comparison of JavaScript frameworks.


GitHub repo
Companion article

Breakouts is the TodoMVC formula applied to JavaScript game engines. It's a collection of the game Breakout implemented in various engines.


GitHub repo

TodoFRP is TodoMVC's bizaro-world twin, where functional reactive programming styles tightly constrain mutable state and JavaScript is but a mere compilation target of languages with completely different semantics.