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@tastybento tastybento released this Aug 4, 2018

Bug Fixes

Fix for sub-sea lava pasting

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@tastybento tastybento released this Jul 21, 2017 · 1 commit to since this release

Bug Fixes

  • [Medium] Fixed bug with top ten and warp GUI's allowing removal of heads because language titles don't match.
  • [Medium] Island fly was lost when going through a portal to the Nether. Players with the permission could log out and log back in and get fly mode in the Nether. Island fly was also lost in a few other instances giving an inconsistent user experience.
  • [Medium] The spawn block was not working for teleporting, e.g., determining where to teleport to in the nether. Now, if a spawn block is defined in the schematic section and exists in the schematic, players will teleport to that exact position instead of a random safe position. If that position becomes unsafe, the player will be teleported some random place that is safe. If a portal exists, the player will always go to the portal and the spawn point will be ignored.
  • [Medium] Specific spawner types could not be sold in the mini shop. Now, the spawner type can be specified in the extra: line. It works by adding lore to the spawner with the name of the spawner type on it. When the spawner is placed, the plugin will set the spawner to that type.
  • [Medium] Players were not taking damage from Ghasts if no TNT damage setting was true.
  • [Medium] Schematics were not pasting burning furnaces or items inside inventory holders, like trapped chests, dispensers, hoppers, droppers, furnaces, etc. Other schematic compatibility issues were improved too.
  • [Medium] Entity limits were not counting or limiting vehicles, like minecarts, hopper minecarts, etc.
  • [Medium] API: Island Enter and Exit events were not always called, especially during teleports.
  • [Medium] API: Island level is now a long type. int values are deprecated. Large island levels were showing as negative or zero values.
  • [Medium] API: Deprecated Island level event removed.
  • [Minor] If a mob spawner hit the entity limit for an island, players near to it would get spam in the chat telling them the limit was reached. Changed so that mob spawners are now silent.
  • [Minor] Ops could not toggle spawn settings in the GUI unless they had settings permissions.
  • [Minor] Blockvalues.yml did not have 1.12 blocks - added (all value 1)
  • [Minor] Color codes were not working for various panels/GUIs with items.
  • [Minor] API: Added IslandChangeOwnerEvent to API
  • [Minor] API: Added isTeamLeader(UUID) method
  • [Minor] Color codes were not working for challenge item lore.
  • [Minor] Various locale fixes for typos, etc.
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Jul 23, 2017
Pull over from ASkyBlock.
Jul 21, 2017
Updates from ASKyBlock

@tastybento tastybento released this Jun 26, 2017 · 1 commit to since this release


To update from versions before 3.0.6, follow 3.0.6 instructions, otherwise replace your jar with this one.

Bug Fixes/Updates

  • [Exploit] Fixed exploit where off-hand hoe usage can till coarse dirt to dirt. Other off-hand tricks could also be done.
  • [Major] Added protection against harmful lingering potions if PVP is off. Also, fixed issue with mcMMO potions bypassing PVP protection.
  • [Major] Commands run on a New island or Reset were not run at the right time (after pasting island and teleporting player) so were being overridden by follow on settings like clearing the inventory.
  • [Medium] If players spawned back on their island after death, fly and other island perms were not given until they teleported away and back again.
  • [Medium] askyblock.command.newexempt was not working.
  • [Minor] Badly formatted control panel settings could cause console errors
  • [Minor] Some blank locale messages were still causing new lines in chat
  • [Minor] Removed commend in config.yml about setting perms being case-sensitive - they are not.
  • [Minor] Added option to toggle command feedback silencing on startup.

Locale Updates:

If you want to see the new locale settings, you will need to move the whole locale folder to locale.old and restart the server. New files will be generated.

  • [Minor] Topten GUI text was missing localization.
  • [Minor] Chinese locale updated.
  • [Minor] German locale updated.
  • [Minor] Added message to inform player to relogin after changing biome.
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@tastybento tastybento released this Jun 5, 2016 · 3 commits to 3.0.1 since this release

0. Added support for 1.10.

  1. Player’s island reset limit will not be deleted when accepting an invite to join an island.
  2. Added perm coop capability. Players will remain cooped until expelled or uncooped. This is a global setting in config.yml.
  3. Made WRITTEN_BOOK more robust in schematics.
  4. When checking for new island, will look for any blocks, not just bedrock.
  5. Expanded the wither protection to other flying mobs and also had them removed if they exit islan space.
  6. Visitors cannot use nametags.
  7. Visitors cannot dye sheep.
  8. nohunger permission allows food levels to increase. Only stops hunger.
  9. Added permission to bypass expulsion.
  10. Added a schematic level handicap so that all island schematics can start at level 0.
  11. Added setting for spawn to allow creepers to hurt players. Enables mob arenas at spawn.
  12. Added Villager Trading setting to island.
  13. Added check when starting a new island to look for any block in the space, not just bedrock.
  14. Added color code and new line options to challenge names and descriptions.
  15. Changed default config.yml setting to limit hoppers to 30 per island and villager limit to 10 to help prevent excessive hopper lag.
  16. Added option to execute commends when accepting a team invite.
  17. Players can only get the level-up rewards from challenges once.
  18. Added island naming option with minimum and maximum name lengths and permission. See new config.yml.
  19. Fixed issue with Herochat. They changed the API and then changed it back again...
  20. Added death penalty option to island level. Players can loose island levels by dying. For teams, the deaths of all players can be summed. Settings allow new team members to have their death count reset. See blockvalues.yml.
  21. Levels rewards will not be given multiple times if challenges are added that bring a player back to a previous level.
  22. Level rewards can be reset or set via same admin command as for challenges.
  23. Enhanced admin command for completing and resetting challenges. Makes repeated changes for a player easier because the challenge name is at the end.
  24. Fixed issue with Paper Spigot where visitors could hurt animals or other players with flaming arrows.
  25. Changed how locale files are handled to make it easy for admins to add or remove files. Language is now selected by a number and language files can be removed or added to the locale folder to customize the list.
  26. Added Finish and UK English language options.
  27. Fixed various bugs.


  1. Stop server, take backups of plugin and AcidIsland world and nether folders.
  2. Remove from the AcidIsland folder because a new one will be made.
  3. Delete locale folder or rename it because there are new strings in the text files.
  4. Rename blockvalues.yml to blockvalues.old because there are new settings.
  5. Copy this jar over the old one.
  6. Restart server.
  7. Look at the for changes and put them into config.yml.
  8. Look at the new blockvalues.yml and adjust how you like.
  9. If you made changes to config.yml do /acid reload.
  10. You should be good to go! Report bugs on github.
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@tastybento tastybento released this Apr 28, 2016 · 1 commit to since this release


  1. Fixes minishop title in locale files to not clash with ASkyBlock. Was causing weird non-operation if items in the two shops were different.
  2. Fixes placement of 1.9 boats on islands.


  1. Added an auto-description to minishop items if it is not in the config file.
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@tastybento tastybento released this Mar 15, 2016 · 3 commits to since this release

This release improves the following:

  • Fixes potions on V1.9
  • Reduces lag and memory usage for island deletion.
  • If clean up blocks is requested on island deletion, it will be done over a period of time in the background.
  • End Crystals are protected on islands for V1.9 servers
  • Challenge levels can be marked as done/unlocked automatically.

== Install ==

  • Stop server
  • Back up world and plugin folder
  • Copy jar over the old jar
  • (Optional) Move challenges.yml to challenges.old to see new file.
  • Restart server
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@tastybento tastybento released this Mar 6, 2016 · 6 commits to 3.0.0 since this release

Release should work with servers from V1.7.9 to V1.9


  1. Stop server and make backups of your world and AcidIsland plugin folder just in case.
  2. Replace acidisland.jar with this jar
  3. Remove the temple.schematic from schematics folder because it will be updated to work with 1.9. (Still works with older servers).
  4. (Optional) If you have any custom schematics then you should recreate them and save them using the latest WorldEdit that enables V1.9 otherwise potions will be just acid bottles.
  5. Remove the old
  6. In the minishop, spawn eggs must now be described in the extra line by name, not number. So change the pig egg number 90, to PIG. Alternatively, delete minishop.yml and let it be recreated.
  7. Restart the server
  8. Look at the new and merge in changes to your config.yml. The revisions are here:
  9. You should be good to go!

Updated to not kill players if they eat food.

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@tastybento tastybento released this Feb 22, 2016 · 4 commits to since this release

Bug Fixes/ Improvements

  1. Added setting in config.yml to allow water bottles / buckets not to be acid bottles/buckets and not kill you if you drink the water.
  2. Improved schematic compatibility (allows material ids to be numbers as well as names)
  3. Performance improvement if acid is not active.
  4. Added protection for daylight sensors to stop visitors changing their operation.
  5. Fix for NPE caused by player not having a home location.
  6. Added setting in config.yml to turn off world generator.
  7. Underwater blocks can have <1 or zero value.
  8. Default island will sit on the sea bottom if it is generated.
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