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# This is a YML file. Be careful when editing. Check your edits in a YAML checker like #
# the one at #
acidBottle: 受到輻射的水瓶
acidBucket: 污染的水桶
acidLore: |-
error: "使用&ldeleteisland confirm &r&c刪除您所在的島嶼."
noid: "無法識別島。"
use: "Use &ldelete [name] &r&cto delete the player instead."
add: "adds player to leader's team"
addrange: "adds to or substracts from the island's protection range"
clearreset: 重置一位玩家的島嶼重置次數
clearresetall: "resets the island reset limit for all players"
cobblestats: "displays magic cobble generation stats"
completeChallenge: 設置挑戰為已完成
delete: "移除一個島嶼 (移除所有方塊)."
help: "管理員指令:"
info: 玩家資訊
infoisland: 離你最近島嶼的資訊
kick: "removes player from any team"
level: "provide detailed island level report on player"
listChallengeResets: "lists challenge reset schedules, if any"
lock: "locks/unlocks player's island"
purge: "刪除閒置島嶼 [天數]."
purgeallowdisallow: "allow/disallow island to be purged if it meets purge criteria"
purgeholes: "free up island holes for reuse."
purgeunowned: "remove unowned islands"
name: "Set name of player's island"
register: 設置玩家的島嶼到你的位置
reload: 重新載入設定檔案
resetAllChallenges: 重製一位玩家所有的挑戰
resetChallenge: 設置挑戰為未完成
resetChallengeForAll: "globally resets a challenge for every player with an optional repetition"
resetname: "Reset name of player's island"
resetsign: "Resets the sign you are looking at to the island owner"
setbiome: "sets leader's island biome"
setdeaths: "sets player's death count"
setrange: 改變島嶼保護的範圍
setlanguage: "sets the default language and resets every player to that language"
setspawn: 設置島嶼世界的重生點
settingsreset: "Resets all islands to default protection settings"
teamChatSpy: "Spy on team chats (on/off)"
topTen: 強制更新前十名島嶼列表
topbreeders: "lists most populated islands currently loaded"
tp: "Teleport to a player's island"
tpnether: "Teleport to a player's nether island"
unregister: 移除一位玩家但是不移除島嶼
bannedPlayers: "Banned players"
errorNullTeamLeader: 隊長不能為空!
errorTeamMembersExist: "玩家擁有團隊成員, 但不應該!"
hoppers: "Island has [number] hoppers"
islandLocation: 島嶼位置
isLocked: "Island is locked"
isProtected: "Island is purge protected"
isSpawn: "Island is spawn"
isUnlocked: "Island is unlocked"
isUnprotected: "Island is not purge protected"
lastLogin: "Last login"
maxSize: "Island max size (distance)"
player: "Player"
teamLeader: "Team Leader"
teamMembers: "Team Members"
title: "This is spawn island"
unowned: "This island is not owned by anyone right now."
adminLockedIsland: "Admin locked your island"
adminUnlockedIsland: "Admin unlocked your island"
errorInGame: "Must use command in-game while on an island!"
hadIsland: "[name] had an island at [location]"
leadsTeam: "[name] leads a team. Kick players from it first."
noIsland: "There is no known island in this area!"
notSpawn: "You cannot take ownership of spawn!"
taking: "Taking ownership away from [name]"
error: "Format for repeat time must is [integer number][m/h/d] (minutes, hours, days), e.g. 5h"
repeating: "Repeating [duration]"
reset: "Reset [date]"
errorExists: "That warp sign is already active and owned by [name]"
found: "Warp sign found!"
noSign: "You must be looking at a sign post to run this command."
rescued: "Warp sign rescued and assigned to [name]"
islandExists: "There is an island here already! Register the player instead!"
homeSet: "Home set to [location]"
noneFound: "No safe location found!"
notOnPlayersIsland: "You are not on the player's island"
notSafe: "That location is not safe"
invalid: "Invalid range!"
set: "Set new range to [number]"
tip: "Range must be between 10 to [max]"
updated: "Island range updated to [number]"
warning: "Warning - range is greater than island range [max]"
warning2: "Overlapped islands will act like spawn!"
center: "Island center [location]"
coords: "Protection coords [min] to [max]"
limits: "Island limits [min] to [max]"
locked: "Spawn is locked!"
move: "Move further away or unregister the owner."
ownedBy: "This island space is owned by [name]"
range: "Protection range = [number]"
set: "Set island spawn to your location."
setting: "Setting island spawn to your location [location]"
op: "Ops can always bypass protection. Deop to use command."
adding: "Adding protection bypass..."
removing: "Removing protection bypass..."
addLeaderNoIsland: "Team leader does not have their own island so cannot have a team!"
addLeaderToOwn: "Cannot add a leader to their own team."
addedLeader: "Added the leader to this team!"
addingPlayer: "Adding player to team."
alreadyOnTeam: "Player was already on this team!"
kickLeader: "That player is a team leader. Remove team members first. Use '/[label] info [name]' to find team members."
nowUnowned: "[name] had an island at [location] that will become unowned now. You may want to delete it manually."
settingHome: "Setting player's home to the leader's home location"
checking: "Checking [number] islands..."
finding: "Finding top breeders..."
nothing: "No creatures found."
finished: 完成生成島嶼前十名單
generating: 生成島嶼前十名中
manualWarp: "No safe spot found. Manually warp to somewhere near [location]."
keepBlocks: "Removing player from world, but keeping island at [location]"
onTeam: "Player is in a team - disband it first."
alreadybanned: "[name] is already banned!"
banned: "You are banned from [name]'s island!"
fail: "[name] cannot be banned!"
helpBan: "ban a player from your island."
helpBanList: "list banned players."
helpUnban: "un-ban a player from your island."
lifted: "Ban lifted from [name]'s island!"
liftedsuccess: "Ban lifted for [name]!"
none: "None"
notbanned: "[name] is not banned!"
notteammember: "You cannot ban a team member!"
notyourself: "You cannot do that to yourself!"
success: "[name] is banned from the island!"
help: 打開生態系界面.
paneltitle: "&5&l購買生態系&e-&d&l一次性購買"
pleasewait: "Please wait, changing biome..."
set: "島嶼生態系設置為:[biome]!"
unknown: 未知生態系!
youbought: "購買花費:[cost]!"
warning: 現在離開船是不安全的
colors: "任務將分為不同的類型級,分別顯示的顏色為:"
complete: "&l已完成"
completeNotRepeatable: 已完成&4(不可重複)
completeRepeatable: 已完成&a(可重複)
completedtimes: "完成 [donetimes] / [maxtimes]"
errorIslandLevel: "你的島嶼等級必須達到 &e[level]級&c才能夠完成這個任務!"
errorItemsNotThere: 所有任務所需物品必須在你的島上!
errorNotCloseEnough: 任務所需物品必須在你[number]格範圍內.
errorNotEnoughItems: 你沒有足夠的所需物品
errorNotOnIsland: 你只能夠在你的島嶼上那樣做!
errorRewardProblem: "在獲得獎勵時出現問題. 請聯繫管理員檢查紀錄!"
erroryouaremissing: "You are missing"
expReward: "&b經驗獎勵"
firstTimeRewards: "&b首次完成獎勵"
guititle: "ASkyBlock 挑戰"
help1: "&6輸入&e /c &b<挑戰名字> &6來查詢一個挑戰的信息."
help2: "&6輸入&e /c complete &b<挑戰名字> &6完成一個挑戰."
incomplete: "&l未完成"
invalidChallengeName: "未知挑戰名! 輸入 &e/c help &c獲取更多信息"
itemTakeWarning: 當你完成挑戰的時候所有挑戰所需物品將會&e消失!
level: "&6等級&d"
maxreached: "達到最高值 [donetimes] / [maxtimes]"
moneyReward: "&b經濟獎勵"
name: 挑戰名稱
nameHasCompleted: "&6恭喜玩家&2 [name] &6完成了 &e&l[challenge] &6挑戰!"
navigation: "Click to see [level] challenges!"
notRepeatable: "&l這個挑戰不可重複!"
repeatRewards: "&b重複獎勵"
rewards: 獎勵
toComplete: "&c&l請至少完成&b&l [challengesToDo] &c&l個等級為&e&l [thisLevel] &c&l的挑戰來解鎖當前挑戰!"
toCompleteUse: "&b完成這個挑戰,輸入"
unknownChallenge: "未知挑戰名 &b(請檢查拼寫)!"
youHaveCompleted: "&6你完成了&e&l [challenge] &6挑戰!"
youHaveNotUnlocked: 你還沒有解鎖當前挑戰!
youRepeated: "&6你重複完成了&e&l [challenge] &6挑戰!"
changingObsidiantoLava: "成功將黑曜石變為岩漿,請當心!"
checkingTeam: "檢查 [name] 的團隊"
challangeCompleted: "挑戰: [name] 的 [challengename] 已被設置為已完成"
errorChallengeDoesNotExist: 挑戰不存在或已經完成了
errorTimeLimitExpired: "超過時間限制! 請重新執行指令"
cannotcoop: "Only island leader can coop a player."
help: 暫時給予一位玩家完整的權限訪問你的島嶼
invited: "[name] 使 [player] 成為了合作玩家! 使用驅逐功能可結束關係."
listcoops: "list coop players"
madeyoucoopy: "[name] 使你成為了合作玩家直到你登出或被驅逐."
notincoop: "[name] is not in your coop!"
onyourteam: 玩家已經在隊伍內了!
removed: "[name] 移除了你的合作狀態!"
removesuccess: "[name] 不再是你的合作玩家了."
success: "[name] 現在為一位合作玩家直到他登出或被驅逐."
uncoop: "remove full island access from player"
useexpel: 使用驅逐功能結束關係.
deaths: "Deaths"
died: "died!"
leveldeaths: "&c[[number] deaths]"
removing: "移除了 [name] 的島嶼"
drankAcid: 飲用輻射水源.
drankAcidAndDied: 飲用受到輻射的水而死亡.
blockedbyapi: "A plugin using the API blocked this action."
commandNotReady: 你現在不能使用此命令.
maxIslands: "The world is full of islands! Try again later!"
noIsland: 你還沒有獲得一個島嶼!
noIslandOther: 玩家未擁有島嶼!
noPermission: "&c&l你沒有權限那樣做!"
notABlock: "That is not a block"
noTeam: 玩家不再團隊中.
notOnIsland: "You are not in an island space!"
offlinePlayer: 玩家不在線或不存在.
tooLong: "Too long. Maximum size is [length]."
tooShort: "Too short. Minimum size is [length]."
unknownCommand: 未知指令.
unknownPlayer: "&c&l未知玩家."
useInGame: "This command must be used in-game."
wrongWorld: 你不能在這個世界這麼做.
minishopDisabled: "Minishop is disabled."
expelled: 你被驅逐出了島嶼!
fail: "[name] 無法被驅逐!"
notonisland: 玩家沒有入侵你的島嶼!
notyourself: 你不能驅除你自己!
success: "你驅逐了玩家:[name]!"
success: "Success!"
errorCantJoinIsland: "你不能加入這個島嶼, 也許島上住滿了人."
errorCoolDown: "在 [time] 分鐘內你不能邀請此位玩家"
errorThatPlayerIsAlreadyInATeam: "這個玩家已經被被其他島嶼邀請了, 或者已經擁有自己的島嶼."
errorYouCannotInviteYourself: "&l你不能邀請你自己入住!"
errorYouMustHaveIslandToInvite: "你必須擁有一個島嶼, 才能邀請其他玩家入住!"
errorYourIslandIsFull: "你的島嶼住滿了人, 你沒辦法再邀請其他玩家了."
hasJoinedYourIsland: "&b&l[name] &a加入了你的島嶼!"
help: "&6輸入&e/[label] invite &b<玩家ID> &6邀請玩家加入你的島嶼."
inviteSentTo: "邀請已發送給&b&l [name]"
nameHasInvitedYou: "&b&l[name] &2&l邀請&a你入住他的島嶼!"
onlyIslandOwnerCanInvite: 只有島嶼主人才能邀請其他玩家!
removingInvite: 移除了你之前邀請的玩家.
toAcceptOrReject: "&e來&2&l接受&e或&4&l拒絕&e島嶼入住邀請."
warningYouWillLoseIsland: "&4&l警告: &c如果你&2&l接受&c, 你將&4&l失去&c當前這個島嶼!"
youCanInvite: "&b你還能邀請 &e&l[number] &b個玩家."
youCannotInvite: "&l你無法邀請更多的玩家了."
youHaveJoinedAnIsland: "你加入了一個島嶼! 使用 &e&l/[label] team &a來查看其他成員."
blockValue: "[name]放在這裡可能值得[value]"
blockWorthless: "[name]是毫無價值的"
cannotTeleport: "&c&l你不能在掉落時傳送!"
donate: "§a本汉化由§e§ltastybento§a提供"
donatecolor: "aqua"
errorCouldNotCreateIsland: "無法為你創建島嶼. 請聯繫管理員."
errorInvalidPlayer: 玩家不存在或者他不曾擁有一個島嶼!
errorLevelNotReady: 請稍等數秒後再輸入此指令!
errorYouDoNotHavePermission: "&l你沒有權限那樣做!"
helpAcceptReject: "&b接受或者拒絕別人的邀請."
helpChallenges: "/challenges: &f查詢挑戰"
helpColor: "&e"
helpControlPanel: "&6打開島嶼幫助界面."
helpExpel: 強制從你的島嶼上請走一個玩家.
helpInvite: "&6邀請玩家加入你的島嶼."
helpIsland: "&b開始島嶼生涯,&e或者回到你的島嶼."
helpIslandSpawn: 回到島嶼出生點.
helpKick: "&4將玩家從你的島嶼移除."
helpLeave: "&c離開了當前島嶼."
helpLevel: "&e計算你的島嶼等級"
helpLevelPlayer: "&d查詢玩家的島嶼等級."
helpLock: 鎖住島嶼讓訪客無法訪問
helpMakeLeader: 將島嶼贈送給玩家.
helpName: "Set a name for your island"
helpResetName: "reset your island name."
helpRestart: "&c&l重新開始&6的你島嶼生涯."
helpSelectLanguage: "Select Language"
helpSetHome: "&6設置島嶼指令&e/[label]&6的傳送坐標."
helpSettings: 查看島嶼保護設定和遊戲設定
helpTeam: "&a顯示你團隊的信息."
helpTeleport: 傳送到你的島嶼.
helpTop: "&5查詢島嶼等級排行榜."
helpValue: "see island level value of block in hand"
helpWarp: "&e傳送到玩家的傳送點."
helpWarps: "&b列出所有可用的傳送點."
islandDeletedLifeboats: "&c島嶼已&4&l刪除!"
islandLevelis: "&6島嶼等級為&b&l : [level]"
new: "&b&l正在為你創建一個新的島嶼..."
requiredPointsToNextLevel: "You need [points] more points to reach level [next]!"
resetConfirm: "請在&e10&c秒內輸入&e/[label] confirm &c來確認你的操作,然後重新開始!"
resetMustRemovePlayers: "&c你只有將島嶼&4所有成員&e踢出&c才能重新開始 &b(/[label] kick &c<玩家ID>&b). &a輸入&e/[label] team &a可以查詢成員列表."
resetNoMore: "&c&l你無法再重新開始了!"
resetOnlyOwner: "&c&l只有島嶼的主人才能那樣做. 請輸入&e&l/[label] leave&c&l離開當前團隊,然後重新你的島嶼生涯."
resetPleaseWait: "&b&l請稍等,正在創建新的島嶼"
resetsLeft: "Resets left"
resetTo: "&c&l清除重新開始限制"
resetWait: "&c你需要等待 &e[time] 秒&c才能那樣做."
resetYouHave: "&6你還有&b&l [number] &6次重新開始的機會."
subtitle: "by tastybento"
subtitlecolor: "aqua"
teleport: "&b&l[島嶼娘]:&6歡迎回來~我的主人. &e(輸入&c/[label] help &e獲取更多幫助)"
title: "A SkyBlock"
titlecolor: "gold"
unlimited: "Unlimited"
url: ""
islandProtected: 島嶼保護.
TNTdamage: "TNT 傷害"
allowed: 允許
aciddamage: "Acid damage"
animalspawning: "Allow/Disallow Animal Spawning"
anvil: 使用鐵砧
armorstand: 使用盔甲架
beacon: 使用烽火台
bed: 使用床
breakblocks: 破壞方塊
breeding: 繁殖動物
brewingstand: 藥水釀造
bucket: 使用鐵桶
collectlava: "Lava collection"
collectwater: "Water collection"
chest: 使用箱子
chestdamage: 使用TNT損壞箱子
chorusfruit: "Chorus Fruit Use"
creeperdamage: "Creeper damage"
creepergriefing: "Creeper griefing"
creeperpain: "Creeper explosions hurt"
croptrample: 踐踏農作物
disallowed: 不允許
door: 使用門
eggs: "Egg throwing"
enchantingtable: 使用附魔台
enderpearl: 使用終界珍珠
fireextinguish: "Fire extinguish"
firespread: "Fire spread"
furnace: 使用熔爐
gate: 使用柵欄門
horseinventoryaccess: "Visitor horse inventory access"
horseriding: "Visitor horse riding"
hurtanimals: 傷害動物
hurtmonsters: 傷害怪物
joinleaveislandmessages: "Enable Join & Leave Island Messages"
jukebox: 使用唱片機
leash: 使用栓繩
lever: 使用拉桿或按鈕
milking: "Milking"
monsterspawning: "Allow/Disallow Monster Spawning"
netherpvp: "地獄 PvP"
placeblocks: 放置方塊
portaluse: 使用傳送門
pressureplate: "Visitors activate pressure plates"
pvp: PvP
redstone: 使用紅石
settingsgeneraltitle: "General Island World Settings"
settingsgeneraldesc: "General Island World Settings"
settingsislandtitle: "Island Settings"
settingsislanddesc: "These rules apply to visitors on this island"
settingsspawntitle: "Spawn Settings"
settingsspawndesc: "These rules apply at spawn"
shears: 使用剪刀
spawnegg: 使用怪物蛋
teleportwhenfalling: 掉落時傳送
title: 島嶼保護設定
villagertrading: "Villager trading"
visitordrop: 訪客丟棄物品
visitorkeepitems: 訪客死亡時保持物品欄
visitorpickup: 訪客撿取物品
withergriefing: "Wither griefing"
workbench: 使用工作檯
errorNoTeam: 你沒有加入任何島嶼的團隊!
errorNotPartOfTeam: 這個玩家不是你的島嶼成員之一!
errorOnlyLeaderCan: 只有島嶼主人才能踢人!
errorPlayerNotInTeam: 這個玩家不在你的島嶼團隊中!
nameRemoved: "&b&l[name] &才已被&4&l驅逐&c出島."
nameRemovedYou: "&b&l[name] &c將你&4&l驅逐&c出了他的島嶼!"
lavaTip: "溫馨提示: 如果岩漿變成了黑曜石,可以使用鐵桶右鍵變回岩漿."
errorLeadersCannotLeave: "空島主人無法離開島嶼.請輸入 &b/[label] makeleader <玩家ID> 來轉讓島嶼"
errorYouAreTheLeader: "因為你是島嶼主人所以不能離開, 使用&b&l /[label] makeleader <玩家> &e來改變島嶼主人."
errorYouCannotLeaveIsland: "你無法離開島嶼當只剩下你一個人的時候.如果你想重新開始,請輸入 &e&l/[label] restart!"
errorYouMustBeInWorld: 你只能夠在你的島嶼上這樣做!
errorYouMustBeInWorld: "You must be in the island world to leave your team!"
nameHasLeftYourIsland: "&b&l[name] &c離開了你的島嶼!"
warning: "Are you sure you want to leave the team? Type '[label] leave' again to confirm."
youHaveLeftTheIsland: "你離開了島嶼, 並返回到了玩家出生地."
calculating: "計算島嶼等級中. 請稍後..."
errornotYourIsland: 只有島嶼主人才能使用.
islandLevel: 島嶼等級
enteringspawn: 進入重生點
islandlocked: 島嶼對訪客鎖住
leavingspawn: 離開重生點
locking: 鎖住島嶼
nowentering: "進入了 [name] 的島嶼"
nowleaving: "離開了 [name] 的島嶼"
unlocking: 解鎖島嶼
errorGeneralError: 不能改變島嶼主人.
errorNotYourIsland: "這不是你的島嶼, 所以你沒有權限!"
errorPlayerMustBeOnline: 玩家只有在線才能接受你的島嶼.
errorRemoveAllPlayersFirst: "將所有玩家踢出團隊,才能進行團隊轉讓."
errorThatPlayerIsNotInTeam: 這個玩家不是你的島嶼成員之一!
errorYouMustBeInTeam: 你必須在一個團隊中才能轉讓島嶼.
nameIsNowTheOwner: "&b&l[name] &a現在是你的島嶼主人了!"
youAreNowTheOwner: 你現在是島嶼主人了.
buy: "&b&l購買&e&l"
buyproblem: 購買出錯
islandhelpMiniShop: 打開迷你商店
outofstock: 物品賣完了喲
sell: "&c&l出售&e&l"
sellproblem: 你沒有足夠的物品.
title: "&5&l迷你商店&e-&d&l左鍵購買&c&l右鍵出售"
youbought: "&a你購買了&e[number]&a個&6[description]&a花費了&b[price]"
youcannotafford: "&c餘額不足!"
yousold: "&a你出售了&e[number]&a個[description]&a獲得了&b[price]"
entity: "Island [entity] limit of [number] reached!"
error: "島嶼生物達到上限! [number]"
hopper: "Island hopper limit of [number] reached!"
villager: "Island villager breeding limit of [number] reached!"
spawnisprotected: 地獄重生點保護
headline: "[A Skyblock News] 當你離線時..."
acidFound: "There are [number] unowned islands. Do '/acid purge unowned confirm' to delete them within 20 seconds."
allowPurge: "Purge protection removed"
alreadyRunning: "清除已在運行中, 請稍後至它完成!"
calculating: "計算島嶼閒置時間超過 [time] 天者"
countingUnowned: "Counting unowned islands and checking player files. This could take some time..."
maxPurge: "Max purge is [number] islands. Run purge again afterwards to purge more."
finished: 成功清除了閒置島嶼
noneFound: 沒有找到閒置的島嶼
nowWaiting: "Now waiting..."
preventPurge: "Island is protected from purging"
purgeCancelled: 清除取消
removingAt: "Removing island at location [location]"
removingName: "閒置島嶼清除: 移除了 [name] 的島嶼"
skyblockFound: "There are [number] unowned islands. Do '/asadmin purge unowned confirm' to delete them within 20 seconds."
stillChecking: "Still checking player files..."
thisWillRemove: "這將會移除 [number] 座島嶼!"
typeConfirm: "請在10秒內輸入 /[label] confirm 來確認"
usage: "用法: /[label] purge [TimeInDays]"
warning: "警告! 不要在伺服器有玩家時運行清除動作! 請備份島嶼地圖!"
errorBedrockNotFound: 無法設置!
settingIsland: "設置 [name] 的島嶼至最近的島嶼"
nameHasRejectedInvite: "&b&l[name] &4&l拒絕了&c你的島嶼入駐邀請!"
youHaveNotBeenInvited: 你沒有收到任何島嶼入住邀請.
youHaveRejectedInvitation: "&c你&4&l拒絕&c了島嶼入住邀請."
configReloaded: 設定檔案重讀成功
success: "[name] 被重置了所有挑戰"
challengeReset: "挑戰: [name] 的 [challengename] 已被設置為未完成"
errorChallengeDoesNotExist: 挑戰不存在或未完成
title: 選擇島嶼
errorNoIsland: "你不是島嶼的一員. 請返回你的島嶼!"
errorNotOnIsland: 你只能在你的島嶼範圍內設置!
errorNumHomes: "Homes can be 1 to [max]"
homeSet: 已經設置家在你當前位置.
done: "Done."
inprogress: "Protection settings being reset, please wait..."
line1: "&1&l[島嶼生存]"
line2: "[player]"
line3: "千萬要當心!"
line4: "不要掉下去!"
line1: "&1&l[島嶼生存]"
line2: "[player]"
line3: "千萬要當心!"
line4: "不要喝!"
targetInPVPArea: 目標在非PVP區域中!
listingMembers: 顯示你島嶼的成員
helpChat: "turn on/off team chat"
noTeam: "You are not in a team!"
noTeamAround: "None of your team are online!"
prefix: "[Team Chat]<{ISLAND_PLAYER}> "
spyoff: "Team chat spy off"
spyon: "Team chat spy on"
statusOff: "Team chat is off"
statusOn: "Team chat is on"
errorExcluded: "FYI: You are excluded from the top ten as you do not have [perm]"
errorNotReady: 前十名單未生成!
guiHeading: "&E&L<!> Island: &6&N[name]&7 (#[rank])"
guiTitle: "Top 10 Islands"
header: "排名前10的島嶼:"
protected: "Visitors protected"
deactivate: 舊的傳送點被替換!
errorDoesNotExist: "&c&l傳送點不存在!"
errorDuplicate: 當前位置已經存在傳送點!
errorNoPerm: 你沒有權限創建島嶼傳送點!
errorNoPlace: 你只能夠在你的島嶼上創建傳送點!
errorNoRemove: 你只能移除你自己的傳送點!
errorNoWarpsYet: 沒有任何傳送點!
errorNotReadyYet: "&c&l傳送點未準備好.請稍後再試."
errorNotSafe: "&c&l傳送點不安全.請稍後再試."
errorNotEnoughLevel: "You do not have enough island levels to create a Welcome Sign!"
next: "Next"
playerWarped: "[name] &2傳送到你的島嶼!"
removed: "&c&l傳送點已經移除!"
removed: "Welcome sign removed!"
signRemoved: "&c&l你的島嶼傳送點已經移除!"
success: "&b&l空島傳送點成功創建!"
title: "Island warps"
warpTip: "放置一個木牌,並且在木牌的第一行輸入&b[WELCOME]&e以設置一個島嶼傳送點."
warpToPlayersSign: "傳送到玩家: &b<player>&e的島嶼傳送點."
warpsAvailable: 以下的傳送點可用
welcomeLine: "[WELCOME]"
needRelog: "You need to relog in order to see the changes."
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