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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Feel free to add questions and answers to this Wiki!

This FAQ is for ASkyBlock but AcidIsland uses the same codebase. Just change /asadmin to /acid for admin commands.
Table of Contents

Do you plan to update to 1.13?

No. The plan is to transition to BSkyBlock.

Can I make a feature request for ASkyBlock?

No. ASkyBlock is only accepting bug reports now. New feature requests should go to the BSkyBlock project:

How do I turn off or change the title that pops up when people start an island?

Edit the language files in the locale folder. Look for these items:

   title: "A SkyBlock"
   subtitle: "by tastybento"
   donate: "Welcome to A SkyBlock by tastybento"
   url: ""

I get a lot of lag from ASkyBlock!

Actually, the lag is due to your very successful ASkyBlock World! The plugin rarely creates any lag over 1% on a server. The ASkyBlock World can lag usually from a lot of entities in the ASkyBlock world, especially HOPPERS.

Take a timings report and look at it to see what is happening. If you have thousands of entities, then most likely you have players with a large number of hoppers, big farms or mob grinders. You can set a limit of breeding in the config and use other plugins to reduce entities. There are many settings in the config.yml that you can set to limit hoppers, villagers and animals on islands.

Unfortunately, if you want to fix a badly lagging server because of hoppers (I see this a lot), you only have one choice - destroy the hoppers. There are some servers that try to make hoppers lag less (Paper or Taco), but fundamentally, hoppers lag a lot.

Before you get to this bad situation, you need to realize that in SkyBlock the most valuable item is not diamonds, it is iron. Make iron very, very rare and expensive. Make it very difficult to make an iron farm, for example, limit the number of villagers. You can give players many many diamonds, but never give them iron. Do not reward donors with iron. You can also offer a bounty for buying iron at your store. Maybe offer 1 diamond for each iron. Also, limit hoppers to a small number per island, maybe 4 or 5. That will help a lot.

Is there a permission to give players more hoppers or other limited entities?

No. The purpose of limiting entities is to prevent lag. It is not a vanity restriction. This feature will not be added.

/is level does not show the level, just "Island level is [0 deaths]"

You have an old locale file. Go into the locale folder and open your language. Search for islandLevelis: and make sure the string after it has [level] in it. Like this:

islandLevelis: "Island level is : [level]"

When I upload ASkyBlock to my plugins folder and start the server, nothing happens!

You forgot to install Vault. Read the console logs carefully.

When players make an island, it says "Island Protected" and they can’t do anything until they restart

This usually means island cache file (islands.yml) and player files are out of sync. This can happen if the server crashes and doesn’t save all the files. Try this:

  1. Stop the server

  2. Copy the ASkyBlock plugin folder to a backup just in case

  3. Delete the file islands.yml

  4. Restart - the islands.yml will be generated from the player files

  5. If you had an ASkyBlock spawn, then you’ll need to set it up again, so fly there and do /asadmin setspawn

That should fix it. If not, look in the console log for errors.

What is is not used by the plugin - it is just there for your reference. When you upgrade, if there is a newer version of the config it is put into this file. You can then look at that file and merge the new settings into your current config.yml. It is recommended you do this so that you can decide what the new settings are. If you don’t the default ones will be used, which may not be what you want.

Is there an admin command to make a player a leader

No. This is something we’ll fix in BSkyBlock. The only way is to do it manually:

  1. Fly to the island in question.

  2. Find out the team members of the island (/asadmin info)

  3. Kick each team member (/asadmin team kick <player>) from the team until only the leader is left

  4. Unregister the owner from the island (/asadmin unregister <leader>)

  5. Register the new owner to the island (/asadmin register <new owner>)

  6. Add the previous team members to the team (/asadmim team add <player> <leader>)

Do you do custom work for $'s?

No, not anymore.

Can I advertise on your site? I’ll pay!


After updating, mobs and animals don’t spawn!

When updating to 3.0.6+, sometime the previous settings do not update and the default is false. Do /asadmin settingsreset all or if you just want to reset the monster and mob settings specifically, do /asadmin settingsreset MOB_SPAWN and /asadmin settingsreset MONSTER_SPAWN. That should fix the issue.

I changed the island protection range using permissions, but it didn’t change!

Players will get the new range when they log in next time. For team members, only the leader’s permission counts. The permission for range is askyblock.island.range.X where X is a number.

I keep dying! I respawn in the void and die again!

Set your server’s respawn point or world’s spawn point. You can do that with plugins like Essentials Spawn, or Multiverse. Also, you can set ASkyBlock to respawn players on their own island in config.yml.

The world is full of islands and I cannot add any more!

You must have set the island limit in config.yml. Change it!

Visitors can break blocks on islands!

Likely your permissions are wrong. Make sure you haven’t given players askyblock.* permission.

I changed an island setting in config.yml, but it doesn’t change on people’s islands!

After you change a setting in the config.yml, you need to reset everyone’s setting in the game (just changing it in config.yml doesn’t change previously set island settings).

For example, if you changed how spawn eggs work, then run this command:

/asadmin settingsreset SPAWN_EGGS

Here’s the full help on the command:

/asadmin settingsreset [help | all | flag]: Resets all islands to default protection settings
flag options:

When someone dies, he respawn in the void, how i can fix it?

Set a server spawn point, e.g. by using Essentials Spawn. OR set a world spawn point, e.g., by using Multiverse /mv setspawn, OR create an island spawn, /asadmin setspawn, OR have players respawn back on their islands - set respawnonisland: true in config.yml.

Is is possible to run ASkyBlock and AcidIsland on the same server?

Yes, but you will have to use different commands for each:

AcidIsland: * /ai - the main player command * /aic - for AcidIsland Challenges * /acid - for the admin command

ASkyBlock: * /island - for the main player command * /asc - for challenges * /asadmin - for Admin command

Note, that /c may work for either of the plugins - it depends which get’s loaded first, so it may be different on each server.

How do you disable the death penalty for island levels?

Edit the blockvalues.yml file. The setting is in there.

Is there an API?

Yes! Here’s the link to the JavaDocs: Example plugin that uses the API: Have fun!

How do I disable the minishop?

Use permissions. Make sure players have the negative permission -askyblock.island.minishop. i.e., with PEX, /pex group default add -askyblock.island.minishop. /pex reload.

Players can take the items/heads out of the challenges/settings/control/warps GUIs! Help!

This is usually caused by another misbehaving plugin. Look for plugins that show GUIs or chest inventories and remove them one by one until you find the culprit. Then don’t use it because it’s badly written.

Players with a very long ping (>300ms) will also be able to grab heads into their inventory from the GUI but as soon as they try to place them the heads will disappear. They really do not have the head, it is just their client and the server are out of sync.

The bottom line is that if players can place heads on their island, then another plugin is messing things up.

I have control panel set to true in config.yml but players do not see it when they do /island and just get teleported to their island

Players can switch off the control panel using /is cp off. It may be that the default was off and now it is on. Players can switch it back on with /is cp on.

Players can use pistons to push blocks outside their island!

Yes, they can. If you do not want this, set allowpistonpush to false in config.yml. Also, read the whole of config.yml so you know what settings are allowed or not by default.

How can I put the island level in chat?

Add {ISLAND_LEVEL} to the chat prefix in your chat plugin. However, there are 3rd party plugins that do a better job of placeholders now.

Monster/spawn eggs don’t work any more

Did you upgrade from an old version? Your .yml files are probably out of date. Monster eggs (or spawn eggs) must be defined by name now not number, so use MONSTER_EGG:COW, MONSTER_EGG:ZOMBIE, etc.

Challenge commands do not work!

If you are testing as Op or have the permission askyblock.* or *, make sure you explicitly deny the permission askyblock.command.challengeexempt.

When I do /asadmin info on an island (or /acid info) it says the island is unowned, but it is owned. Why?

In this case, the fundamental problem is that for some reason the registration of the islands broke. The info on islands is stored in islands.yml and if the server crashes, it’s possible for this file to not be saved or become corrupted.

Before you fix it, stop the server and backup the ASkyBlock world and Nether and the ASkyBlock plugin folder so you can go back if you need to.

Then delete islands.yml. (Or move it somewhere). Make sure the server is stopped when you do this because this file is held in memory and will reappear if you delete it when the server is running.

Then restart the server. islands.yml will be rebuilt from the player’s info in the players folder. It may take some time depending on how many players you have.

After it’s all up and running, go to the islands that were supposedly unowned. They should now be owned. If they are not, then something more weird is going on.

What are the name of the colors for the big new island titles?

V2.9.9 added the ability to set colors for titles, but the colors use names. They are:


How do I enable enderchests?

Give players the permission askyblock.craft.enderchest. This will enable them to make and use enderchests. Note that this means they will be able to share items across worlds unless you have some other plugin to prevent that. This is why they are disabled by default.

Can players have more than one island?


Can players help each other, is there a coop mode?

Yes. You can either enable players to have access to the island settings so they can give visitors permissions to do things (askyblock.settings.*) or you can enable coop mode by giving them the mode. That will enable the /island coop command. Players that are cooped will remain so until the inviter or invitee log off or until the invitee is expelled from the island.

Do entity limits exist in the Nether

No, not yet.

Does this work on 1.7.2 (or 1.6.4, or earlier)?

No. The plugin requires UUIDs and is tested from 1.7.9 to the latest version (currently 1.11.x).

When people create their island the title comes up and in the chat it says [Server: Title Command Succesfully Executed] Any way to turn this off?

Yes! It’s generated by the server and although it is only visible to Ops, it can be irritating. You can disable it by typing this IN THE CONSOLE:

  • gamerule sendCommandFeedback false

it is case-sensitive!

HELP, I’m not in the top ten!

For V3.0.5 and before: Are you Op? There’s a permission called askyblock.excludetopten. If you are Op, or have askyblock.* permission you have this and are excluded. To get back on the top ten, give yourself the negative permission, e.g., with PEX:

pex user <name> add -askyblock.excludetopten
pex reload

For V3.0.5.1 and beyond: You do not have the permission askyblock.intopten or you have the negative permission -askyblock.intopten. Edit your permissions accordingly.

Is there a way to limit the number of islands per world or server?

Yes. Set it in the config.yml.

When the player changes their biome, it does not change

The biome is updated when the server reloads chunks. Player and team members needs to log out or teleport elsewhere so the chunks will be unloaded and then reload when they return. All players in the area need to leave for the chunks to be unloaded and then reloaded by the server. Sorry, this is a server limitation…​

When I do /is it says "This Warp is Not Safe Right Now. Try Again Later." What Is Wrong?

It means that the plugin cannot find a safe spot for your teleport. The plugin tries //really hard// to find a safe place, so this error is quite serious. It is usually caused by one of 3 reasons:

  • You island has been removed somehow - maybe a creative player deleted all the blocks

  • Every spot is covered with lava or there really is not a safe spot - maybe griefing.

  • A bug - this is less likely, but it still can happen. There will usually be some kind of console log so file a ticket.

The best approach is for an admin to teleport to the island location and find out if the situation can be fixed. Admins can find the location by /asadmin info (name of player). If there is a serious problem, delete the player using /asadmin delete (name of player).

Pioneer Challenge Doesn’t Work!

Your player has collected all the items, but is told they don’t have everything. Make sure the player has looked at the map. An empty map won’t work.

How do you add items to the default chest?

I want to change the default chest options. Two ways are open to you: use a custom schematic, or set the items in the config.yml.

Look at around line 200 of the config.yml for instructions. To use the schematic, put the items in a chest and save the schematic, then edit the schematicsection in config.yml to not use the default chest items.

How do I know what Materials I can use?

The list of possible Materials is here:

How do I know what kind of Potions types I can use?

Potion Types are here:

How can I set the player’s spawn position on the custom island?

Place a SPONGE block where you want the player to spawn, then make sure this line is in the section for your island in the schematicsection of config.yml:

spawnblock: SPONGE

Read the comments in the default extrahard schematic for an example. The block does not need to be a sponge, but there should only be one of them in the schematic.

Help! Nothing is protected on the islands!

Players can go to other islands and destroy items, open chests, everything! Your permissions are set incorrectly and players have the protection bypass permission (askyblock.mod.bypassprotect). This is typically because players have been given the askyblock.* permission.

I know how to set permissions and that is not the problem 99% of the time, permissions are the problem. Double check and then if you really think it’s a bug, file a ticket.

I type /island and nothing happens

It just says "/island help". The plugin is disabled. Look for errors in your console log when the server started. The most likely reason the plugin is refusing to start is because it cannot register the world generator (what tells the server to make the world sky). Try to restart and if that does not fix the problem see below.

The console says that plugin cannot start because it cannot register the generator with Multiverse

You see an error in the console that says the ASkyBlock generator could not be registered. This is usually caused by Multiverse. Make sure you are using the latest version of the Multiverse plugin. Older versions do not allow the generator to be set. You will see an error saying that.

If that does not work, make sure you are actually shutting down your server and restarting instead of using reload. That will ensure ASkyBlock’s generator is loaded and ready.

Help, all my players suddenly have no islands!

When they type /island, they are given new islands! You are most likely running the server in offline mode, whereas before you were online, or visa-versa.

Set the server to the correct mode and restart.

ASkyBlock uses UUID’s to identify players and online and offline UUID’s are different.

How can you do the slime farmer challenge?

Is the slime ball challenge possible? How would players get slime to spawn on their islands? Even with the swamp biomes players are having no luck.

Build down and make a platform that is lower than level 40. Slimes spawn every 10th chunk on average (chunk = 16x16 blocks) so make the platform as big as possible so that it covers at least 10 chunks. Cover it in torches so other mobs don’t spawn. You may be lucky and find a slime spawning chunk immediately. If you really want to find them to convince yourself it’s possible, then use a web site[[| like this one]] to find the exact location.

How do I set up my server so that ASkyBlock is the main world?

  1. Start with a new server install (recommended)

  2. Run the server like normal to set it up - it will created default worlds, i.e., world, world_nether, world_the_end

  3. Stop the server

  4. Copy in plugins that you need, e.g., Essentials, WorldEdit, PermissionsEx, and Vault 1.5.

  5. Copy in ASkyBlock.jar to plugins folder

  6. Edit to list ASkyBlock as the world, i.e., 'level-name=ASkyBlock'

  7. Edit bukkit.yml to have this at the end (the spaces are VERY important to get right):

    generator: ASkyBlock

If you are running the new nether, then you should also add:

    generator: ASkyBlock
    generator: ASkyBlock

If you change the name of the world, then change the world name, but NOT the generator name. For example:

    generator: ASkyBlock
    generator: ASkyBlock

If you are running AcidIsland, just change ASkyBlock to AcidIsland.

  1. Delete world, world_nether, world_the_end worlds.

  2. Run the server

  3. Log in as an op player - You’ll be floating in space in fly mode

  4. Type /is to get an island

  5. Type /asadmin setspawn to make it the spawn island. Also, recommend doing /setspawn (essentials spawn).

  6. Customize your spawn island

  7. You should be done!

The changed the nether to island/regular nether but I still see the old nether

You need to fully delete the old nether world. Stop the server, delete the ASkyBlock_nether folder (or whatever you called the world) and then restart the server.

Can I customize the start islands? Can I change the default schematic? Can I use my own schematics?

Yes. Just add schematics to the schematics folder and edit the section in config.yml called "scematicsection". The instructions are in there.

A few things to note:

  1. Use the original config.yml to start with - specifically the part at the end (from line 911 or so) called schematicsection. There’s a copy here if you have messed up your version.

  2. As this is YAML, spaces matter, so if you are using tabs, then your YAML is going to be messed up and default settings will be used.

  3. When using a replacement schematic, make sure it has at least one bedrock block in it.

Now, with the default config.yml, all you should have to do is go to the /ASkyBlock/schematics folder and delete the island.schematic file and paste in your alternative version.

Then load up your server.

Next do /asadmin reload and see what it says. Hopefully, it should show that there are no errors loading the schematics.

Now login and test it.

After you have got that working, you can now play with the schematicsection in config.yml. But make sure you never delete the section that defines the default island. The heading is called default:. You can change the settings in that section, but you must always have a section called default:

How is the island level calculated?

The player’s island is scanned and points added for each eligible block. The total is divided by 100 (configurable in blockvalues.yml) and rounded down to obtain the island level. Blocks must be actually placed on the island and not inside chests, other storage items or in the player’s inventory to count.

It is possible to give a multiplier bonus to any block below sea-level. This rewards under-water (acid) development, which is harder in AcidIsland.

See block values.yml for actual values as they may change over time due to game testing.

Can you calculate the level continuously?

We’ve thought about this a lot and in theory yes, in practice no. The reason is that there are too many edge cases where blocks can be added or removed from the world and to track them all would be very tough. Other plugins can also have an affect on blocks, e.g., world edit. If you missed one, errors could eventually add up. For example, if a player could find a way to remove a block without detection and add it continuously, they could cheat. In the end, at some point you have to do a full island scan and just see what’s there.

If you want to "force" players to have their island level checked, you can set it to run once when they log in. This will keep island levels up to date for most active players.

How do I give enchanted items to players as a challenge reward?

Use the challenge command reward. For example, to give an enchanted book do this: give [player] enchanted_book 1 403 {ench:[{id:<id>,lvl:<lvl>}]}

Explanation: * give : just the basic /give command * [player] : who you want to give it to - leave as [player] for the name to be used * enchanted_book : name of the item you are giving * 1 : how much you are giving * 403 : data (403 is for enchanted books) * {ench:[ …​ ]} : now the enchant type comes in * id: <id> : Enchant id* * lvl: <lvl> : level of enchant

Example: So let’s say I want to give 1 x Protection III book.

Then use this: give [player] enchanted_book 1 403 {ench:[{id:0,lvl:3}]}

Players cannot build or break any blocks!

Are you starting a world and the first island is at 0,0? Maybe spawn is being protected by your server or another plugin. Often the area immediately around spawn is protected. If you try to break blocks and you see no error message, this is what is happening. ASkyBlock or AcidIsland will say "Island protected". If you do not see that error, it is not this plugin stopping you.

Quick fix: Set up a spawn elsewhere. Alternatively, edit and set spawn protection to zero.

How do you completely reset the plugin?

There are two ways - a complete reset, and a reset where you keep your config file.

Complete reset

  1. Stop server

  2. Delete the plugins/askyblock folder. Keep the plugin in the plugins folder.

  3. Delete the world folders in your server folder, they are usually called ASkyBlock, and ASkyBlock_nether

  4. Restart

Reset, but keeping config.yml

  1. Stop server

  2. Go to the ASkyBlock plugin folder (plugins/askyblock)

  3. Delete the players folder.

  4. Delete the islands.yml, messages.yml, topten.yml files

  5. (Optional) delete the locale folder (if you made any changes to the locale files and want them gone)

  6. (Optional) delete the schematics folder if you want to remove the schematics

  7. Delete the world folders in your server folder, they are usually called ASkyBlock, and ASkyBlock_nether

  8. Restart

/asadmin spy says Unknown command!

In order to use team chat spying, Team chat has to be enabled in the config.yml and the player/mod has to have the askyblock.mod.spy permission as well.

What does nextsection mean in controlpanel.yml?

This enables you to have icons open up next panels. You can use it to make decision trees or submenus. Here’s an example:

  panelname: '&1Commands'
      material: GRASS
      description: 'Go to your island'
      command: '[island] go'
      nextsection: ''
      material: LAVA_BUCKET
      description: 'Go to next menu'
      command: ''
      nextsection: '&2Next'
  panelname: '&2Next'
      material: SKULL_ITEM
      description: 'List team members'
      command: '[island] team'
      material: BED
      description: 'Set your home here'
      command: '[island] sethome'
      material: ACACIA_STAIRS
      description: 'Island level'
      command: '[island] level'

Note that nextsection MUST be the panelname, NOT the YAML section.

Island level is negative. / What does leveHandicap mean in schematicsection?

If your island level is negative, it maybe be because the initial island level was set wrong. In config.yml’s schematicsection, you can use the levelHandicap setting to zero an island’s setting (or allow it to start with a positive or negative level). Essentially, this value gets subtracted from the island level anytime a player calculates their level. It is stored persistently in the islands.yml file along with the player’s island info. To "fix" issues like this, adjust the levelHandicap value and then reset the island. If you need to adjust the current island level setting, then you’ll need to change the value in islands.yml while the server is shutdown. It is the last number on the line. For example, this island has a handicap of 3:

- 0:115:0:100:200:0764d8a9-9464-4961-84c7-3bb4e2c7f9dd:false:false:11000000000001101010100011000101111000100000111:PLAINS:3
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