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ryanmitchell committed 6adf0e0 Jul 2, 2020
fix: require the correct permission to access extensions settings page (

* Change implementation of extensions permissions

Allow the user to manage the settings for an extension (available on settings page), if they have permission to access settings and permissions on the setting itself.

This amends current behaviour which requires user to have permission on Admin.Extensions to be able to access and modify Settings for an extension.

* Change required permissions

* Don't need Site.Settings check

* Bring it back :)


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TastyIgniter is a food ordering and restaurant management system. TastyIgniter provides a professional and reliable platform for restaurants wanting to offer online ordering to their customers.



The best place to learn TastyIgniter is by reading the documentation


Please read the Installation Guide for more information.


For questions and support please use the Community Forum or Join us on Slack.


Please report bugs using the GitHub issue tracker

Stay in touch


We would love your help building TastyIgniter! Please read the Contributing Guidelines to learn how you can help.

Thank you to all the people who already contributed to TastyIgniter!

Supporting TastyIgniter

TastyIgniter is an MIT-licensed community-driven project with its continuous development made possible by the support of these awesome backers. If you'd like to help support the future of the project, please consider:

  1. Donating development time to the project.
  2. Spreading the word about TastyIgniter.
  3. Becoming a sponsor by donating funds (see below).


Become a sponsor and get your logo on our README on Github with a link to your site.

via Open Collective

via Patreon

[Become a Patreon sponsor]

Built With ❤️

  • Laravel full-stack PHP framework
  • OctoberCMS foundation library
  • Bootstrap 4 front-end framework


TastyIgniter was created by Samuel Adepoyigi.

Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a security vulnerability within TastyIgniter, please send an e-mail to


Starting with version 3.0.0 TastyIgniter is licensed under the The MIT License (MIT). Older versions were GPL-licensed.

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