Simple filesystem-based image gallery website for lazy people.
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(Simple, web-based) Gallery

I created this gallery because all the other galleries seem way too complicated.

What you'll need:

  • PHP 5.2+ (with gd or imagemagick)
  • Apache (or other web server)

How to install:

  • Grab a copy:
    • clone the repo: git clone git://
    • update submodules: git submodule init && git submodule update
  • Set up with web server; instructions for Apache:
    • Copy .htaccess.template to .htaccess
    • Edit .htaccess and change RewriteBase if necessary.
    • These directories need to be writable by the server:
      • gallery/
      • application/cache/
      • application/logs/
  • Rename application/config/application.php.template to application.php and edit it:
    • Set base_url same as web server base.

How to use:

  • Upload your intended directory structure with picture files to upload/
  • Visit admin/update url (currently everyone can do that, but it's harmless)
  • Verify the gallery shows up as expected.
  • Optionally, delete the original pics (which could take up a lot of space) from upload/ - if you want to delete the photos from the gallery, delete them from gallery/

How to customize:

Gallery uses Kohana's cascading filesystem with a series of modules. These are configured in the above mentioned application.php config. The default is the gallery_v1 style, which is loaded like so:

'templates' => array(

If you'd like to align the thumbnails using jQuery Masonry, then use the following:

'templates' => array(

It's likely you'll want to make some customizations, eg. set your own title. In that case, please create your own module. Let's call it my_style:

'templates' => array(

Copy modules/gallery_v1/messages/global.php to modules/my_style/messages/global.php and perform your changes there. If you take versioning seriously, you should make the modules/mystyle/ directory a submodule of the original repo. Browse through the modules/gallery_v1/ and modules/gallery_masonry/ directories to see what can be customized.

If you have any questions/remarks, feel free to contact me or create an issue on github!