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Dimensions/Units not always parsed correctly #10

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There are a number of examples where dimensions/units are not being parsed correctly. One situation seems to be where there are three dimensions (width/height/dept) but no space between the final measurement and the units

e.g. Accession number T12624
Dimensions listed as "Egg: 122 x 147 x 122mm\r\nPlinth Designated size:500 x 500 x 500 mm"
Parsed as:
Width = 122
Height = 147
Depth = ""
Units = "122mm"

(in both csv and json)

@richbs richbs closed this issue from a commit
@richbs richbs Adding image thumbnail copyright line, adding artistRole column which…
… fixes #13, tidying up dimension parsing to fix #10 but only dealing with w, h, d for now #11.
@richbs richbs closed this in 0359cbc
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