Generator for natural language timestamps based on unix timestamps
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Fancy Timestamp

Use this to create natural language for your unix timestamps (similar to Facebook's)

Plays well with browserify


Install with NPM and require where needed.

npm install fancy-timestamp
var fancyTimestamp = require('fancy-timestamp');

Fancy Timestamp can accept normal timestamps composed of seconds.

var normalTimestamp = 1342123755; //Using only seconds

var fancyTimestampString = fancyTimestamp(normalTimestamp); // result == "8 minutes ago"

It can also accept timestamps composed of milliseconds such as the ones JavaScript defaults to. To parse millisecond timestamps pass a second parameter of 'true'.

var javascriptTimestamp = (new Date()).getTime(); //Using JavaScript's timestamp composed of milliseconds

fancyTimestampString = fancyTimestamp(javascriptTimestamp, true); // result == "Just now"

Where appropriate, fancy-timestamp will apply the appropriate ending to the natural language text such as 'tomorrow' or 'away' for dates in the future, and 'yesterday' or 'ago' for dates in the past.


MIT license