Generator for natural language timestamps based on unix timestamps
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#Fancy Timestamp

Use this to create natural language for your unix timestamps (similar to Facebook's)

Plays well with browserify

#Usage Install with NPM and require where needed.

npm install fancy-timestamp
var fancyTimestamp = require('fancy-timestamp');

Fancy Timestamp can accept normal timestamps composed of seconds.

var normalTimestamp = 1342123755; //Using only seconds

var fancyTimestampString = fancyTimestamp(normalTimestamp); // result == "8 minutes ago"

It can also accept timestamps composed of milliseconds such as the ones JavaScript defaults to. To parse millisecond timestamps pass a second parameter of 'true'.

var javascriptTimestamp = (new Date()).getTime(); //Using JavaScript's timestamp composed of milliseconds

fancyTimestampString = fancyTimestamp(javascriptTimestamp, true); // result == "Just now"

Where appropriate, fancy-timestamp will apply the appropriate ending to the natural language text such as 'tomorrow' or 'away' for dates in the future, and 'yesterday' or 'ago' for dates in the past.

#License MIT license