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Textlates is a simple template library for text files in Node.JS


Create your basic text file with the formatting you want, and wrap variables you would like to insert in the familiar string interoplation syntax #{}

Hello #{name}


What would you like to eat for #{meal} today?

Require in textlates and then pass it the files location, the data for the variables you would like inserted, and a normal callback.

var textlates = require('textlates')
  , file = __dirname + '/file.txt'

var data = {
    name: 'taterbase'
  , greeting: 'How are you today?'
  , meal: 'breakfast'

textlates.render(file, data, function(err, result){
    return console.log(err);



  Hello taterbase

  How are you today?

  What would you like to eat for breakfast today?


##License MIT