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A Particle and Weather Plugin for C#/XAML for HTML5 (
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Particles and Weather for CSHTML5 (



8-28-2017: ALPHA 0.1

- Snow and Rain particle generators completed
- Allow multiple instances of Particle Frames on same page
- CPU\Lifecycle Pause: When browser window\tab is not focused, animations will slow, and eventually pause. This uses JS 'document.hasFocus()'
- CPU\Lifecycle Resume: Once browser window\tab regains focus, animations will begin again. This uses JS 'document.hasFocus()'


Does not work in Simulator! I don't know why.


  • Add a reference to Vivrant.Particles.dll

  • Create a new XAML window or Control

  • Add a XAML Namespace:


  • Add the the following to your window or Control (this can replace any existing Canvas or Grid objects)

<Canvas HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" VerticalAlignment="Stretch"> <vp:WeatherPanel> <vp:WeatherPanel.ParticleGenerator> <vp:SnowGenerator /> </vp:WeatherPanel.ParticleGenerator> </vp:WeatherPanel> <StackPanel> <!-- Other controls to underlay the Particle Animations --> </StackPanel> </Canvas>

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