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Disabled ReSharper's broken method naming rule while we wait for a bu…

…g fix from JetBrains that allows sensible test names.
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1 parent c011587 commit 22f5cba78c87a7d979ca1c7a26f0270b646f6304 @tathamoddie committed Nov 26, 2010
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  1. +1 −1 System.IO.Abstractions.5.1.ReSharper
@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@
<PredefinedRule Inspect="True" Prefix="" Suffix="" Style="AaBb" ElementKind="TypesAndNamespaces" />
<PredefinedRule Inspect="True" Prefix="I" Suffix="" Style="AaBb" ElementKind="Interfaces" />
<PredefinedRule Inspect="True" Prefix="T" Suffix="" Style="AaBb" ElementKind="TypeParameters" />
- <PredefinedRule Inspect="True" Prefix="" Suffix="" Style="AaBb" ElementKind="MethodPropertyEvent" />
+ <PredefinedRule Inspect="False" Prefix="" Suffix="" Style="AaBb" ElementKind="MethodPropertyEvent" />
<PredefinedRule Inspect="True" Prefix="" Suffix="" Style="aaBb" ElementKind="Locals" />
<PredefinedRule Inspect="True" Prefix="" Suffix="" Style="aaBb" ElementKind="LocalConstants" />
<PredefinedRule Inspect="True" Prefix="" Suffix="" Style="aaBb" ElementKind="Parameters" />

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