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Properties Normalize line endings
Converters.cs code cleanup
DirectoryBase.cs added new methods for Directory
DirectoryInfoBase.cs added new methods for DirectoryInfo
DirectoryInfoFactory.cs Normalize line endings
DirectoryInfoWrapper.cs added new methods for DirectoryInfo
DirectoryWrapper.cs added new methods for Directory
FileBase.cs added new methods for File
FileInfoBase.cs Normalize line endings
FileInfoFactory.cs Normalize line endings
FileInfoWrapper.cs Normalize line endings
FileSystem.cs Normalize line endings
FileSystemInfoBase.cs Normalize line endings
FileSystemWatcherBase.cs Merge pull request #91 from rfeijolo/master
FileSystemWatcherWrapper.cs Adding IncludeSubdirectories to FileSystemBase
FileWrapper.cs added new methods for File
IDirectoryInfoFactory.cs Normalize line endings
IFileInfoFactory.cs Normalize line endings
IFileSystem.cs Normalize line endings
PathBase.cs add overloads for Path.Combine
PathWrapper.cs add overloads for Path.Combine
System.IO.Abstractions.csproj Bump everything up to .NET 4
System.IO.Abstractions.ncrunchproject Modified the implicit cast from DirectoryInfo to DirectoryInfoBase to…
System.IO.Abstractions.nuspec Normalize line endings
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