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Kill All Printers

We all hate paper. We understand smarter ways to do our jobs. Our users aren't so lucky.

This repo is a collection of handy and occasionally witty ways for helping to ween your online users off their printing habit.

What is it?

A collection of CSS files which replace or annotate the content in your document, some more smarmy then others.

wake-up-call is probably the least objectionable of the replacements, getting the point across without being rude. Thus, no fun at all ;)


  • going-backwards tells the user they're going back in time, so their text has been made backwards, too!


  • hide-all-content Replaces the page with, well... nothing.
  • mean-skull Replaces the content with a skull and crossbones, who DOES NOT APPROVE.
  • out-of-paper Replaces all content with a message telling the user... y'know.
  • pc-load-letter What the F#&K does THAT mean?
  • wake-up-call Replaces the content with compliance text indicating that the page is out of date because you printed it, it's the turing-damned future, and giving the source URL.

How to Use

  1. Include the relevant css into your product's pages.
  2. There is no 2.

(Optional: Give users a flag to turn it off if they REALLY have to print something. But put the guilts on 'em first, and maybe suggest an alternative or two.)