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Playing with algorithms
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Algorithms' implementations in Python

The aim of this project is to implement some algorithms I've studied in Python, just for fun. ;)


Algorithms for finding the kth smallest number in a list (the kth order statistic). This includes the cases of finding the minimum, maximum, and median elements.

  • kth_by_extreme O(kn) # Select discarding smaller item k times
  • kth_by_sorting O(nlogn) # Select kth smaller after sorting with mergesort
  • kth_by_mom O(n) # Select kth smaller using the median of medians
  • kth_by_quickselect O(n) # Select kth smaller using quick select


Algorithms for sorting - yep, I know Python's default sort method ;)

  • mergesort O(nlogn)

data structures

  • AVLTree # Adelson-Velskii and Landis proposal for Balanced Search Trees
  • BinarySearchTree # Traditional Binary Search Tree (BST)
  • HashTable # Example of Hash Table implementation (not using Python dict)
  • MoveToFrontList # Move to front list, also known as MTF
  • OptimalBinarySearchTree # Based on previously known frequencies of access of a pre-defined group of keys (CLRS)
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