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InVesalius was originally created in late 2002 at CenPRA,the Renato Archer
Research Centre, of the Ministry of Science and Technology in Campinas, Brazil. Since November 2008, InVesalius 3 has been written from 0. This list represents only people involved with this development on.
The PRIMARY AUTHORS of InVesalius 3 are (and/or have been):
* Tatiana Al-Chueyr Pereira Martins
* Paulo Henrique Junqueira Amorim
* Thiago Franco de Moraes
More information on the main contributors to InVesalius can be found in
And here is an inevitably incomplete list of MUCH-APPRECIATED CONTRIBUTORS:
people who have submitted patches, reported bugs, added translations, helped
answer newbie questions, and generally made InVesalius that much better:
Mathieu Malaterre <>
A big THANK YOU goes to:
CTI Renato Archer directors for letting us open-source InVesalius.
Glauber Costa de Oliveira and Corinto Meffe for free software advices.
Robin Dunn for the marriage of the Python programming language and the
wxWindows, in the form of wxPython
Guido van Rossum for creating Python.