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# Contact ITK mail list to see why warning is happening when we import Analyze
files (noticed both under Windows and MacOS). Appears to be something related to
# Presets do Analyze
Pensar sobre como estruturá-los
# List Ctrl - Notebook data
organizar decentemente classe pai
? colocar em coluna separada a cor?
verificar questão de ordenação - no windows e no linux nao funciona, no mac sim
# Import - 0013
1st file is corrupted
---> InVesalius 3 quits
todo: simply ignore corrupted file and check other!
# Import
-> change current structure to class
-> force return "axial" imagedata always
# GUI - insert acquistion modality
# GUI / mask
When editing a mask name in notebook -> change combobox and change info inside mask
Update combo-box related to threshold mode (Bone / etc) to go to custom when user sets another mask or changes the threshold range
# Progress bar
implement both cursor and progress bar
# Gradient
never, ever, can min > max or max < min
# After editting mask name in notebook, change Mask instance ando combobox
# Change icon used in inner fold panel (invert upword arrow / dowward arrow)
# Change combo_thresh value according to mask selected / define a good treatment
# for "Custom"
# Develop import interface - a good start could be a sort of wizard, similar
# to wifi on macos
# Change references of AXIAL, SAGITAL, etc.. for constants
Version 3.0
- Totally new GUI
- New 3D measures feature
- New slice editor feature
- New threshold control feature
- Threshold presets
- New import DICOM process (slice reader, slice grouper)
- Reads JPEG lossless DICOM data
- New volume surface (polydata) creation pipeline - optimal quality
- Does not use Slicer 3D lib anymore
- Uses GDCM library for reading DICOM
Operations in volume:
linear measure
angular measure
3d presets
MIP ou volume rendering
Operations in 2D
linear measure
angular measure
area measure
Generate 3D Surface
[Preparing 3d Surface]
- Resolution : low - high (slider 10 units)
- Decimate: resolution (0.1 ... 1.0) default: 0.5
- Smooth: iteration(1 ..100) default: 20
- Pixel value (default: 300) -- (skin: -500, bone: 500, 2000) # threshold min
- Transparency: slider
- color: botao
Export 3D
botao com setinha
Export as STL (.stl)
Export as WaveFront (.obj)
Export as Renderman (.rib)
Export as VRML (.vrml)
Export as Inventor (.iv)